05 July 2022

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Police suddenly deciding to get tough. It’s about time but they are not always right
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Police suddenly deciding to get tough. It’s about time but they are not always right

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Policing this crisis is not easy but it has to be done

It seems that it is very difficult to get it right. The Home Secretary has made it clear to the police that they need to get tough and enforce the rules. This they now seem to be doing with large numbers and the issuing of increased numbers of fines which are themselves beginning to get more hefty.

What is troubling, however, is that some of the wrong people seem to be getting targeted and it must be questionable whether the uncompromising interpretation of the rules on the part of the police is always reasonable.

Is it really realistic to call a hand-held cup of coffee being drunk whilst walking “a picnic”? The idea comes over as a joke. My idea of a picnic is where people are seated with a meal. Will eating a bar of chocolate be condemned in similar circumstances?

Is sitting on a bench “anti-social behaviour”? Surely someone can go for a walk as exercise and decide to sit down for a break en route? The sight of a woman being frog-marched off in handcuffs for this action is not acceptable.

And travel for a few miles to an isolated location for a walk sounds like common sense. If there is no one else around there can be no transmission of the disease.

Needless to say there will be those who abuse the rules and if there is proper evidence of that then those individuals should be targeted.

However what is happening to deal with the major abuses of illegal gatherings when dozens and sometimes hundreds of individuals are involved? It is likely that there would be a higher regard for police actions if these groups were targeted and properly fined.

What is really sad is that we are seeing the country start to be turned into a battleground – the beginnings of a style of civil war.  Unfortunately those who are prepared to disobey the law need to stop their irresponsible actions; if they do not they will simply cause the enforcers to go about their business in a more concerted manner and that will increase the likelihood of more unacceptable incidents.

We cannot object to the enforcement of the law; what can ask however is that the police take measured action designed to have the maximum effect for the minimum amount of pressure and above all the use of some common sense.

In the meanwhile it is still down to every citizen to comply with the lockdown rules and be prepared for this to last for a number of months to come.

And just an update on numbers: world total recorded cases now exceed 90 million. The UK’s latest daily new cases total is 54,940 with a further 563 deaths bringing total cases to well over 3 million and deaths to a total of 81,431.

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