26 May 2022

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Positive moves to try and make life safer in a post-covid era
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Positive moves to try and make life safer in a post-covid era

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There really can be nothing more important than public safety when it comes to covid-19

While the press reports that some MPs consider the use of covid passports to be “divisive and discriminatory”, one wonders just to whom they are listening. Are they listening to the public, their constituents or are they listening to business enterprise?

The fact that the Prime Minister is authorising some trials for the use of these passports to get into large events is certainly a start but what is the logic for saying large and not small or medium-sized? 50 people crammed in a small room can have just as much chance of spreading disease as 50000 in a huge arena.

One of the reports says that Whitehall insiders “fear” many businesses will set up their own systems.

Too right they will! The general public remains very concerned about this disease, a disease we are told will be with us for the rest of our lives. So surely the public can be forgiven for hoping that venues will be made covid-safe so far as they can be. Being in a building with other people, all of whom have been vaccinated, must surely be the best option to keep people safe.

What about staff? In the hospitality industry there will be a huge risk of spread of the disease once everyone starts mixing and staff are going to be at the top of the risk pyramid. So it makes a lot of sense for staff to be vaccinated if they are to undertake the job. Health and safety at work dictates that employers take steps to protect them.

If you think about it, the working population runs from say 18 to 65. Thirty two forty sevenths of the working population have not yet been vaccinated so they are the ones who are spreading the disease. A rule of thumb calculation I know but that is 68% of them not yet protected.

Airlines have been saying they intend to require proof of vaccination for some time so it is going to be impossible for the government to go against the tide on this one.

At the same time we hear of the traffic light system for international travel. This seems like a good idea and, oh yes, involves the use of covid passports if you are to avoid tests and quarantining. Surprise surprise.

Today is Easter Day. I looked back at what I said last year on this day. I reported that Easter was about new beginnings – that could not be more true than it is this year as the lockdown restrictions are gradually removed. Let us hope that the new beginnings are here to last this year. And what is it about the apparent shortage of Easter eggs this year – did the shops not buy enough or has there been a run on them? Another of life’s mysteries!

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