19 May 2022

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Professor Chris Whitty is a brave man. If I were him I would have a bodyguard
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Professor Chris Whitty is a brave man. If I were him I would have a bodyguard

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All eyes on “Freedom Day”. We can only guess at this stage!

It is fair to say that Professor Chris Whitty has made his mark in the past year and a half.

In my opinion, Professor Whitty is a very brave man and if I were him I would have a bodyguard. Indeed we have already seen yobs attacking him in public and I dare say there are more serious contenders out there who are not entirely approving of his actions. What on earth has this gentle gentleman done to deserve these problems?

He tells the truth.

Indeed he has “come out” in the past 24 hours in quite a big way and continues to advise the British public, and presumably the government whose adviser he is, that things are not good with covid-19. Indeed he is right as yesterday new cases fell only a thousand short of 50000 and now today’s figure is in at 51870.

It is also clear that the mood music from the government continues to change. The Prime Minister, with the assistance of his advisers, set out a road map some months ago. I do not doubt that there was a great deal of discussion – on the one hand when might it be safe to re-open and on the other we need it to re-open as soon as possible. The result of those discussions, which, it has been pointed out by Professor Whitty, was a political decision and what is clear is that the government did not want to be deflected from their road map one iota if at all possible.

The pressure of medical advice got so great that the final lifting of restrictions was deferred by one month but in truth is a further deferral likely?

No and the government’s reasoning is that they are transferring responsibility for looking after ourselves to us rather than keeping it.

But with numbers increasing so fast, even the new health secretary’s expectation of 100000 a day is no longer realistic. That total was based quite simply on nothing changing from now but with restrictions being lifted, this will bring a new dynamic to the situation – abandonment of social distancing and mask wearing other than broadly on a voluntary basis. The latest expectation now is new cases will rise to 200000 a day. God forbid – will the country be able to keep going because they will be out of circulation as will hundreds of thousands of people who are pinged.

But it could actually be worse. Take a look at the infamous Johns Hopkins projected tables and UK deaths by the beginning of November are projected to be 185000 as against today at 128642 and the daily rate of new cases is projected to rise in fact to 306262 per day before the end of August. That does include those not tested. The death projected number is 50% higher than now at lifting of lockdown. Will that be acceptable?

But the government Solicitor General Lucy Frazer said this morning that of course they will put back restrictions if they have to. You bet!

So what the government are going to do, it is now plain, they are going to use all the other devices in their armoury, for example it is clear that covid passes are going to become part of every day life and probably in many areas on a mandatory basis.

The general public is also making its voice heard – many businesses are taking the view that they will continue to operate all the protections they can including the wearing of masks and distancing. It’s a far cry from the days when we heard nothing but bleating about lockdown.

How things change but we are not fickle, are we?

Adrian Leopard 16-07-21

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