26 May 2022

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Quarantined women being harassed by security guards. Is the UK a third world country then?
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Quarantined women being harassed by security guards. Is the UK a third world country then?

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This is unacceptable behaviour in this day and age

It is actually completely extraordinary that in the UK women who have been quarantined under government regulations are being subjected to harassment by security guards. What on earth is going on?

The UK is a country where people ought to be able to feel safe but even in these enlightened times, this is not always the case.

We hear of corruption amongst prison officers, police brutality but here we are now finding that women who have been quarantined in four star hotels are complaining of being harassed – by the very security guards who are supposed to be keeping the whole operation “secure”. The clue is in the name!

I suppose compulsory quarantine in a hotel is a form of imprisonment but surely it should not be one which carries such risks for those being quarantined? After all, the individual in question is paying a huge sum of money for the privilege of being stuck in one of these places for ten days.

The trouble is that these rather smart hotels are normally rather nice places to be – people do pay to go there and use their facilities but unfortunately there appear to be no facilities available to the guests in these circumstances – the unfortunate guests even have to do their own cleaning.

But he thought of fending off a security guard whose is trying to impose his amorous ways on the inmates is really a bridge too far. It is exactly the sort of behaviour one would expect in a third world country.

Do these guards not undergo DBS checks? Do they not undergo a fairly rigorous vetting when they are interviewed? Do those responsible for hiring them not have the wit about themselves to recognise potentially risky subjects?

The following advice is proffered to single women in quarantine and it seems like good advice:

  • Carry a door wedge or jammer in case your door doesn't have a second lock. These should prevent anyone entering, even if they have a master key. Always use the peep hole or door chain before opening the door to anybody.
  • Identify the security company at your quarantine hotel and find emergency contact details - eg whistleblower numbers on their website. Note names, ID numbers or identifying features of anyone harassing you. Save notes and approaches via social media. Report the incident if and when you feel safe to do so.
  • Be an ally if you see others being harassed. This may include recording the incident, taking notes, asking if the victim needs help, calling out the bad behaviour or reporting it.
  • Speak to a loved one - when you're afraid, you may be less able to process events logically. A loved one may help you assess the situation and decide on the safest course of action, which may be to call the emergency services.

Above all, the government should be ensuring these people are safe and that they are employing security companies which do their jobs properly.

Adrian Leopard 07-08-21

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