19 May 2022

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Queen racist? Absolutely impossible.
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Queen racist? Absolutely impossible.

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex should renounce their titles immediately. There is no place for them in British society

The controversial interview of Meghan Markle by Oprah Winfrey was really quite scandalous.

I decided to watch it because I felt I needed to know what was going to be said. I cannot deny that after seven minutes I was beginning to feel bored by the whole thing – but I persevered!

To suggest that there was no knowledge as to what questions were coming is an unbelievable claim – I for one do not believe it. It was clearly “orchestrated” from the word go to deal the maximum damage to the Royal Family. I believe it no more than I believe the statement that Meghan was not given training and advice in relation to the new role she was taking on as a royal wife. More likely she refused it because "she knew best".

The whole thing appears to be based on that old racism card. I think it is for the public to make their own judgement about the statements made but I merely intend to make one point in today’s blog.

The point is quite simply that in my opinion any suggestion that the Queen is racist is the most utter rubbish imaginable. The Queen, who has been in that role for virtually 70 years, has dedicated her life to service of the country as our monarch and that has included service to the Commonwealth and the huge number of citizens of different creeds and colours world wide.

The Queen does not need to justify herself in relation to these allegations of racism and frankly I do not believe they apply to her family either. Even assuming the question was asked as to what colour the baby’s skin would be, so what? That doesn’t make anyone racist. Is Prince Harry really now alleging that the family he has been brought up in is racist? How two faced.

What nonsense, but worse what disloyalty and betrayal of trust. These are the actions of spoilt children who did not get their way. What a good job they are not continuing to represent our country.

Adrian Leopard 09-03-21

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