26 May 2022

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Repetition. Is it boring? Not always!
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Repetition. Is it boring? Not always!

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Looking back at history can sometimes be most enlightening.

My readers will know that we had something of a catastrophe a month ago when the ISP holding all our website data and our e mail data was hacked in a concerted ransomeware attack. Even their backup data was compromised, such that their clients lost everything – or certainly this client did.

As a result of that we are slowly rebuilding our data with another ISP and re-posting it, including our news blogs. Initially I thought that it may be boring to post them all again for the previous eight months but I have now changed my mind.

In fact it is quite alarming to see how some of the topics we addressed have developed in the interim – in some cases thought-provoking in the extreme. Even signs of days of terror perhaps? But importantly it is possible to see mistakes from history. One monumental mistake was made by Napoleon who foolishly attacked Russia. That didn’t end well! That mistake which was clear to see from history was then repeated by Hitler – he didn’t learn from it. But it doesn’t end there. I think we can begin to see history already in this pandemic – and the failure of many to learn from it.

They say old news is no news and in many respects that is right but the articles we publish are not so much news as reflections on topics on which we think there are deeper issues which the public should be thinking about. After all, our actions today will affect the future, not the past. With the future really hanging in the balance in many ways at the moment, I believe society would do well to think about how to gear things up and find the right paths forward. There is some learning to do from history here.

So do take the time to review the old articles; we have started now posting back from March and since then we have also found a source of excellent photographs which we hope help add to your imagination of the subjects discussed.

Adrian Leopard 13-12-20

Photo Aidan Bartos

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