19 May 2022

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Rise in UK cases is a real worry
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Rise in UK cases is a real worry

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We may yet have to batten down the hatches as cases start to increase exponentially

As the holiday and aviation industries get hot under the collar over the removal of Portugal from the green list, the ONS reports a 76.5% increase in cases in the past week in England.

Considering that such a large number of the population have now been vaccinated this increase in cases is startling and worrying. Is it in fact the third wave getting under way? And if it is a third wave, how far will it go before the government has to do something drastic?

Already there is a general feeling that the lifting of restrictions at the end of June should be deferred even though government keep saying they are not worried. They must be in fact because they will not commit themselves!

It does not help when we hear people like Michael O’Leary, head of Ryanair, on television saying that there is no risk to people who have been vaccinated. He was corrected twice in fact after the interview but of course his interest was to get his airline back up and running rather than the wellbeing of members of the public. In such circumstances there should have been a “technical” interviewee being interviewed at the same time who could have corrected his inaccurate statements.

So it looks like a Nepalise variant of the Indian variant which is now spooking the medics. There was enough complaint that the government did not act quickly enough when the Indian variant arose but now that action is being taken more promptly they are being criticised for that as well.

I am glad it is not my call – you don’t have any friends in that situation but it must be looking very much now like there will have to be an extension to the restrictions. Of course even if there is not, it does not prevent people from doing their own shielding, isolating and self-distancing on a purely voluntary basis. It seems they tend to forget that bit.

We hope you like the photo we have selected today – it is a quite amazing view and it looks just like the sort of place which should be on the green list – Maligne Lake, Alberta, Canada

Adrian Leopard 04-06-21

Photo Sergey Pesterev

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