26 May 2022

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Rollercoaster of new cases continues to baffle and have you checked out your car for E10?
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Rollercoaster of new cases continues to baffle and have you checked out your car for E10?

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Pot pourri day as we wait and watch

Confused? Who isn’t! The seven day trend is showing a reduction in new cases but the daily one is resolutely up again.

The new covid cases over the past few days have risen quite steeply but when you average it all out over seven days, there is apparently an overall reduction. Today’s new cases number 38154, yesterday’s were 35693 and the day before that 32114. That’s up, isn’t it?

But the seven day total of 236152 is down on the previous seven days by 2353. Deaths unfortunately continue to rise and the last seven days shows 777 deaths, up 0.9%.

With children going back to school today, a programme of twice weekly tests is expected to start to roll out shortly. This will be interesting because the chances are it will flush out the asymptomatic cases which show no symptoms and therefore do not appear to carry any transmission risk, but is probably not going to be the case.

Remember if you have children or grandchildren of school age you are at risk even if you have been doubled jabbed. As the Prime Minister said, it is the invisible mugger although you may feel that is not quite the way you wish to see your grandchildren!

We do not yet know whether the equilibrium has been reached or not. It rather depends on which scale you use to try and predict it – daily or weekly. What we do know is that new cases are running at a huge rate compared with this time last year.

It really is a waiting game.

But whilst writing today, we just wanted to add a little note about E10 petrol which became the new standard on 1st September. E10 is high in ethanol and does not operate in all petrol engines. However all cars made since 2011 are supposedly E10 compatible. It is models earlier to that which might not work.

There is a very useful government website where you can check out your own car. Try it here:

You can input your manufacturer and it will tell you which vehicles the manufacturers says will not work. Beware because not everything is necessarily listed and you may need to go back to the manufacturer to find out. Needless to say the government is offering no guarantee as to the accuracy of its site.

We took the opportunity to check out some Audis, a 1988 90 Quattro, a 1990 Quattro 20v and a 2003 A8. This call took quite a long time as the operator had to check each vehicle by chassis number and refer to a list. It all seemed to revolve around what heater the vehicle has but the truth is operator did not really understand the technical issues and did not know what the determining factors were. In this instance it was concluded that all vehicles were okay but in general it is older vehicles which could be at risk. If you have one, do not leave it to chance – get on to the manufacturer and check it out.

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