19 May 2022

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Shock new covid cases in Guernsey
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Shock new covid cases in Guernsey

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It shows that even a location with the all clear can easily become reinfected

Guernsey on Saturday announced four new covid-19 cases after seven months of being virtually clear of the disease and implemented an immediate lockdown.

What, you may ask, is strange about that when the world over new cases are arising in the hundreds of thousands per day?

Guernsey is an island not far from the French coast and normally islands are ideal places to isolate. However, since the initial announcement a further twenty seven cases have been announced bringing the total to thirty one.

What was in fact significant about the initial outbreak was that none of those infected had been travelling themselves, nor had they been in contact with persons who had so it was initially a mystery as to where the disease had come from. At the point of announcement of the further outbreaks, there is still no answer as to the source of outbreaks but with every new case the potential field of exposure is increased.

It may or may not be a coincidence that Guernsey introduced a system of essential travel permits on 14th January but in the meanwhile we must await official announcements as to the provenance of the present cases.

In truth this situation will be a disaster for Guernsey which took a very tough line against the virus and which has enabled it to remain clear for so long, one case being reported in September. The tough regime included the imprisonment of two men who breached their self-isolation on return to the island. Because of the lead in time, it seems eminently likely that further cases will emerge which were contracted prior to the implementation of the new lockdown and since there were no social-distancing measures in force at all the spread could be quite widespread. Time will tell so watch this space.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey comprises Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. At this point there has been no mention of further restrictions in the other islands. By coincidence New Zealand has also announced a new and isolated case and that after the woman in question had tested negative twice on leaving managed isolation.

The questions in the minds of the experts must be are these just freak cases, is there a logical explanation or has the virus found a way of short term hibernation? Now that would be a matter of great concern. In the meanwhile the Guernsey Community Vaccination Centre was due to open on Monday 25th January but opened early in the circumstances.

Adrian Leopard 24-01-20

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