26 May 2022

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Shoot the messenger – Britain’s great new game
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Shoot the messenger – Britain’s great new game

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Everyone is just being too impatient; there is nothing we can do to hurry this matter through

In ancient times, being the messenger was a double whammy – you probably got paid very little and as often as not your career would probably end up with your head being severed from your body, possibly being returned to your boss with compliments. You would turn up on your horse and then once decapitated, your headless body would be slung over the saddle and the horse amazingly would know its own way home. Not a great day for the messenger.

The reason for this was because the messenger usually did not bring glad tidings of great joy, more likely he was tasked with delivering some ridiculous offer of settlement of a dispute and his demise was regarded as a suitable repost. Those who have been watching “The Vikings” on television recently will understand the problem.

Have things changed? The answer to that looks like “not much”! “Death” of the messenger today is not usually delivered in the traditional sense but when it comes to business, or politics it can become fairly easy to be thrust into ignominy.

Such appears today to be the plight of the Prime Minister and, to a lesser extent, other ministers and the pressure is just never let up. The reason? Simply because he is being required time and again to tell us what he cannot possibly know or even predict with any degree of reliability, namely “when will schools open”, or “when can we go on holidays again” or a range of other questions which are determined, not by politicians but by the progress or otherwise of a fatal disease.

Reporters never let up for a moment. Do they think that Boris Johnson is a warlock? Or is he perhaps an expert in tarot card reading? Perhaps the government has a secret tardis and sends deputations off to the future to find out how things have unravelled. Perhaps he is just human with the same ability to foresee the future that we all have, namely not a lot!

Who is applying the pressure? There are those who say that the Sage committee is too powerful and is taking upon itself political management by insisting on how bad things continue to be and will be for a long time. On the other side of the coin we have MPs, notably in the Conservative party who are demanding dates like when will the schools re-open and want that date “signed in blood”. Shades of shooting the messenger here if you ask me.

We have asked this question before but have never received a satisfactory answer but what is it that those who want restrictions dropped are seeking to achieve? They talk about opening up the economy but you will not have much of an economy if the people are continuing to die. Of course the arrival of vaccines is great but already cracks are appearing because of a variety of reasons, shortage of supply, new variants which are less susceptible, sectors of society who are concerned as to their safety, anti-vaxers who will not have it at any cost. And so it goes on. This week the talk has started of having a booster injection in the autumn – so now it looks like going to three injections; imagine the additional load that will bring – we are only a quarter of the way through the first set of injections at the moment.

There seems to me to be only one thing which has any degree of reliability and that is shaky but it is the vaccination programme. Comments are already appearing that it could be that the programme is showing results because of fewer serious illnesses already. This should help the experts to determine its efficacy so is the key to all of this to keep locked down until the first vaccination programme is complete? Or is everyone going to scream that this is too long?

A Home Office minister again confirmed today that there were no plans to introduce a vaccination passport or similar and yet apparently there are plans to discuss it in cabinet. I wonder which is the correct version. It seems to me to be inconceivable that some form of evidence is not going to be required and we shall probably end up with a system of “go-places” and “no-go-places”, the determining factor being whether you have been vaccinated.

Here is an opportunity for the government to get ahead of the game – get the scheme ready to go. Or can we see it all again – complaints at how long it is taking to roll out weeks after we could have done with it. Even if it is a voluntary scheme it would be better than having nothing.

One way of handling it is to take a copy of your own medical notes. You are entitled to these and many people can just access them online through their own local surgery. Not impossible to forge but I would suggest rather difficult and the detail shown is extensive. It will probably look like this [a genuine medical log entry]:

Coded entry

Additional SCR dataset uploaded under COPI Regulations (Y237d)

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

04 Feb 2021


COVID-19 mRNA Vac BNT162b2 30mcg/0.3ml conc for susp for inj multidose vials (Pfizer-BioNTech) 1 - See communication for further details.

Coded entry

Administration of first dose of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (Y29e7)

And if you print out the whole page, it ought to be fairly convincing evidence. Why not give it a try?

Adrian Leopard 12-02-21

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