19 May 2022

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Should we be worried that we can catch covid from our pets, and vice versa?
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Should we be worried that we can catch covid from our pets, and vice versa?

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Knowing that your pets can get covid means you need to add another layer of care within your home and daily life

A dog has now tested positive for covid-19 in the UK according to officials. They believe that the pet caught the virus from its owner.

The relationship of covid with animals is not really understood very much save there is a school of thought which believes the virus originated in bats, or possibly pangolins. Certainly there have not been huge numbers of reported cases of animals having the disease, although there are perhaps a lot more than you might in fact imagine.

The list is in fact quite extensive and currently stands like this:

Big cats in captivity

Domestic cats



Fruit bats


Non-human primates



Racoon dogs


White-tailed deer

What is more is that humans have been known to catch covid from mink and ferrets.

So the question on everyone’s lips now perhaps ought to be “how do we handle our pets if we catch covid?” And, conversely what do we do if we think that our pets are exhibiting covid symptoms, as if we would know what they might be in animals?

This is a bit vexing but like everything else to do with this disease, caution has got to be the order of the day. However this could produce some really sad results. Imagine – you catch covid and off you go into self-isolation. Well that could be okay because you can have your “best friend” there to keep you company, can’t you?

No – the advice is that you do not get too close to your pets; do not pick them up; do not let them sleep on the bed; do not share plates and utensils [strange one that – imagine the dog enjoying your beef stroganoff with you]. The truth is that there is not yet any significant statistical evidence of how pets are going to handle the condition. Will they survive? Will they get bad symptoms? Will they be asymptomatic and yet be able to pass the disease back or on to humans? It is said that dogs will only show mild clinical symptoms and recover within a few days. That may be true but let’s face it, the experts do not really understand covid in humans and they have had millions of cases to study there to establish how it manifests itself.

By opening Pandora’s box, the truth is we really do not know which way to turn, and even that with the best medical advice. The only safe solution is for your pets and you to be separated while you get over it. That could be very hard for some people, especially if you happen to be getting covid symptoms badly.

Needless to say if you think your pets might be infected, go and see your vet but at the same time it may be prudent for you to take a lateral flow test to see whether you have it as well. Always better safe than sorry.

Adrian Leopard     17-11-21

Photo Kevin Turcios

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