26 May 2022

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So much in the way of mixed up figures now – deaths today over 22000
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So much in the way of mixed up figures now – deaths today over 22000

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Case numbers go up and so are restrictions on going to other countries even though vaccinations continue

As our daily cases number now has crept over 22000, we learn that Portugal is stepping up it measures against holiday makers who cannot prove they are double vaccinated. And Portugal is not alone – Malta is to disallow arrivals who are not doubly vaccinated from Wednesday and Spain also needs travellers to show they are doubly vaccinated or produce a negative PCR test.

Hong Kong is banning all flights from the UK because of concerns about increased rates of variants from the UK in recent days. You ma not be looking at the night time skyline for a while.

The UK’s new cases have increased by 57% over the past seven days and the rate of deaths by 72%, courtesy Johns Hopkins University. We know there are some glitches some of the time but overall the figures do seem to get through.

Now we have a new health minister, we can but wonder whether he will take a different view to his predecessor over whether we may expect it all to be over by mid-July. It does seem extraordinary that as new vaccinations march on, so do new cases. The mind boggles as to where we would be today if there had been no vaccines available. Would we still be in strict lockdown or would tens of thousands more people have died?

Things are not getting better at all – the government is clearly putting a brave face on it when they say we are still on target but let us hope that they are not just being swayed by business hungry MPs and others.

In the meanwhile it now looks like a pick and mix of vaccines may be okay after all, possibly actually giving a stronger immunisation. Still, let’s get everyone done with their first two jabs – may be we shall see some relief to the restrictions generally when that is achieved.

Adrian Leopard 28-06-21

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