19 May 2022

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Spying right at the centre of government. Frightening
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Spying right at the centre of government. Frightening

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Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to bring about the Hancock revelations; when the dust has settled perhaps people will start to wonder why

What was the true motive for a camera in a government minister’s office, seemingly hidden in a smoke detector? At first we thought Matt Hancock had been rather careless, performing his act of failure to self-distance in front of a security camera!

It’s like a story off The West Wing or Designated Survivor or similar US high powered political drama. A bug is found and all hell is let loose. A number of questions arise over this. First and foremost of course is this the only hidden camera or other spying device in a Whitehall office? Putting aside perhaps that someone just wanted to catch Mr Hancock in the act, this is incredibly serious. What about if this was in the Ministry of Defence and suddenly our military sensitive information is being downloaded somewhere?

Then we have the question as to who might be responsible for installation of such equipment? Is there no security in government offices? Is this a case of some individual creeping in under the cover of darkness when everyone has gone home, or was it perhaps Mrs Mop during her cleaning in the morning at a time when she knew the minister would be, say, in the House of Commons?

And what was the motive?

Without a doubt, this is a major incident and the security services should be all over this like a rash and sweep the entire Whitehall premises. Indeed, depending on what they might find, perhaps they should be doing the same at ministerial residences. After all who knows how far-reaching such spying may be?

But of course it could just be one or two lone individuals trying to capture a government minister, not quite in flagrante, but certainly in a compromising position which has caused him to resign – oh and leave his wife. If that is the case, it is reasonable to assume that there may be more pictures to come. And again what would their motive actually be? Is this a simple whistle-blowing exercise?

And not everyone has the capability or wherewithal to mount a spying exercise with remote camera in a smoke alarm! The BBC report today is frankly rather lame; take a look here:

We must not forget that there are allegations out in the field as to where covid-19 actually came from and may be this is a secret hot topic at the Ministry of Health. Perhaps that is what this is about and Matt Hancock and his wife are simply collateral damage to throw us off the scent.

Government being what it is, there are always plenty of people working in offices who will not necessary like their bosses. Civil servants have to be non-political but of course they all have their own political beliefs but at the time of a pandemic one must question just how much damage the Hancock revelations might do to the country. They could have waited a while – the photos will still be available later but clearly this has been timed to do the maximum damage to the maximum number of parties and we the public are one of them.

Adrian Leopard 27-06-21

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