26 May 2022

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Strange attitudes are starting to emerge as covid restrictions are lifted but we have freedom of speech
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Strange attitudes are starting to emerge as covid restrictions are lifted but we have freedom of speech

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You certainly can’t please all of the people all of the time!

I cannot deny finding the attitude to the Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak and their close contact with the virus most odd.

So there is a scheme which is testing whether it is a good idea for organisations to allow staff who are pinged to go to work for essential purposes but otherwise remain at home in isolation. The Prime Minister’s office happens to be one of those organisations and this morning it was announced that the PM and the Chancellor of the Exchequer would be doing their work as usual but then back to isolation.

This created a right brouhaha because people were saying that it was one rule for the privileged and one for everyone else. On this occasion I find myself taking sides. The PM and the Chancellor are, I dare to suggest, amongst the country’s most important “workers” at the moment so if anyone should be sent off to do essential work rather than sit at home watching TV, they should. What privilege are they getting by being in a test group? This is arrant nonsense and if the new procedure proves successful hopefully it will eventually be rolled out for other organisations. After all, so many people are being pinged now that we shall all be stuck at home if we are not careful.

So after the fuss the PM and the Chancellor said they would work from home instead. Storms and teacups come to mind.

More to the point, why is the Health Secretary who has also tested positive and gone to the “back bedroom” not also able to get on with his work? If there is anything to complain about, that is it!

But something has struck me this weekend. The Reform UK Party, formerly the Brexit Party, did a survey a week ago and the results are somewhat odd. In fact the attitude of the Reform UK Party seems to be bordering on anarchic in relation to covid-19 restrictions – they don’t want any at all. In support of their position they have published the results of their survey and so surprising are they that I propose to print them here:

Q    Do you believe all restrictions should be removed on 19th July?   Yes 82.3%  No 17.7%

Q    In the event that all remaining restrictions are lifted on 19th July, will you continue to wear a face mask?   No I will stop wearing them completely  56%  Yes but only at specific locations   32.2%   Yes at all times when out in public 5.9%  Exempt   5.9%

Q    Do you agree with vaccine passports or other electronic IDs being used by the government to control your access to all public places including gyms, restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas, clubs, sporting events and concerts?   Yes   23.8%   No   76.2%

51% said they would not have a third vaccine or booster jab.

Only 16% believed the figures given by the government on cases, deaths and hospitalisations are accurate.

78% want the daily updates on cases and deaths to end.

I read this with disbelief because it is not the impression I have gained from following the news generally. The results of this survey give the impression that the whole pandemic thing is just a blown up piece of nonsense.

I am not sure the relatives of the 128000 people who have died would agree.

Anyway we have a free society; that is the report from the Reform UK Party – make of it what you will.

Having said all of that, tomorrow is the big day. Will you be doing something different?

Adrian Leopard 18-07-21

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