26 May 2022

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Summer holiday options reduced as online holiday agent cancels bookings until September
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Summer holiday options reduced as online holiday agent cancels bookings until September

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All sorts of problems about going abroad on holiday and the earliest departure date has not even arrived yet

Is it all just too much of a frenzy? Is this desire to jet off to foreign parts just a reaction again having been stuck at home for so long? Is it really that important to get away that it is worth running the gauntlet with all the different restrictions and hurdles?

The online holiday agent On the Beach has withdrawn all of its holiday offers for trips before September giving uncertainty over covid as its reason. This is quite a move really but needless to say the decision has been driven by the risk of administrative costs of having to cancel and refund and loss of goodwill outweighing profitability if the season is successful. At least they are honest about it. But what does that tell us? It tells us that margins are very low and the risk of covid is still regarded as very high.

Indeed having all come to learn that Portugal was welcoming u with open arms, it appeared that that was not correct either. Madeira is keen to welcome the Brits with open arms but at the moment of writing, mainland Portugal is not. Madeira, lovely though it is, is not Portugal other than by connection. In fact Madeira is not even near Portugal – it is far closer to Morocco! It is a sort of Portuguese Channel Island.

And this is the problem with the UK green list – may be you can come back but you can’t go!

And what if you go to a country which is on the amber list – that is one which is where the government has advised against travel? Where will your insurance stand? Well it is a standard practice that you are not insured if you travel against government advice so this must also raise the issue of to what extent people will be able to travel if they cannot get insurance.

All this is a lot to consider where the stakes in relation to it all going wrong are very high. The UK has not yet opened up in full so we cannot yet say how safe it is going to be in this country; if a new wave starts, e.g. with the Indian variant, it is all back to the drawing board and who knows how effective our vaccinations will be.

The problem is that people are trying to rush ahead when may be it would be more sensible to let things take their course a bit first. Mind you there is a good chance the mountain featured in today’s photo will be on the green list – I don’t see much risk of transmission there!

Adrian Leopard 13-05-21

Photo Daniel Sessler

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