26 May 2022

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Summer holidays abroad at last! Where will you be going?
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Summer holidays abroad at last! Where will you be going?

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Were there ever such an exotic list of holiday destinations on offer as there are now?

One could be forgiven for thinking that the British government is having a “bit of a larf” over the travel traffic light system and, in particular the green list of countries.

One reporter on the daily news briefing yesterday pointed out that a fortnight holiday just now in the Falkland Islands is not everyone’s idea of a summer holiday. Well, it gets better!

We thought we would take a look at one or two of the other destinations to see whether they would be suitable holiday venues for our typical British sun-seekers. Startling is probably not the word to use but we were intrigued as to why South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands were included. Indeed, who knows where these exotic sounding locations actually are? Georgia – isn’t there one in the USA and another somewhere around Russia? And weren’t the Hawaiian Islands known as the Sandwich Islands? Surprisingly South Georgia is related to neither of these but in fact in the southern Atlantic ocean on an approximate parallel with the tip of South America. Neither indeed does Hawaii come into it.

Of course being in the southern hemisphere it is currently moving towards winter there as the UK moves into its summer. South Georgia boasts a small non-permanent population whilst the South Sandwich Islands have no permanent native population at all. Good news then – incidence of coronavirus will be minimal. Better still, there are no scheduled passenger flights or ferries to these islands although cruise ships do visit each summer [their summer!]

Let’s look at the weather. You will be pleased to learn that if you visit South Georgia in August you can expect a daily temperature of 0 degrees centigrade. Typical winter temperatures are -5 degrees but the good news is that the temperature does not usually dip below -10. For sun-seekers, there are approximately 1000 hours of sunshine annually although it should be mentioned that in June the sunshine recording instruments remain largely obscured.

As regards the South Sandwich Islands, all that really needs to be said is that these are significantly colder than South Georgia! I am sure you may find a few penguins though while you are there.

And this destination is not the only “unusual” one in the green list. Take a look at the government website which shows the three lists and the countries included in them. The red is quite formidable and you can see it all here:

It is not our intention to take the mickey out of the government efforts to control covid-19 but it is possible to see how some of these things taken out of context can look rather absurd.

Beware – even if you go to a green list country you will still have to have a covid-19 test before you depart for the UK and another test on day 2 after your return. These tests do not come cheap.

The only light at the end of the tunnel is the Common Travel Area comprising the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. No test is required returning from them as long as you have not been outside the Common Travel Area in the previous 10 days.

So in relation to where you are going to go for your summer holidays this year, as things stand there are about only four realistic possibilities at the moment as not all of our green countries will accept us. Things will of course change and they could go either way but if there were ever a persuasive staycation policy, the new traffic light system must be it!

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