19 May 2022

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The future of restaurants – what will that be like?
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The future of restaurants – what will that be like?

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There are now many different and popular ways of “eating out”, even at home with today’s techniques

There is something about British Summer Time, the longer days and the relaxation of lockdown rules which turns one’s mind to pubs and restaurants.

But what will the future really be for these businesses? The trouble is the British people have rather got used to staying at home courtesy government and maybe going out to restaurants will not be quite what it was. This is all the more so because during the pandemic desperate catering businesses have worked very hard to re-jig their businesses to deal with takeaway meals. The country has seen a vast increase in takeaway meals in the past year because people could not go out to restaurants and takeaways therefore have become a real alternative to going out.

But wait a moment – it is not all like that because now we have a real insurgence from another source of food – the “makeaway”. The makeaway is the convenient middle ground between cooking for yourself from shop bought ingredients to getting a takeaway and we have seen growing advertising on television for it as well – 20 minutes, three boxes and Bob’s your uncle – a delicious meal on a plate!

Oh dear oh dear – which way will it all go? With thousands of restaurant sites closing, what does this mean? Well not just that there will be fewer restaurants but a new breed of operator is coming into the field braced with the experience of the lockdown to be able to operate a better and probably more durable restaurant service. Old dinosaurs may well have been consigned to the grave yard whilst youngsters atuned to modern ways are nipping into their places.

So may be there will be enough good restaurants which will attract your attention.

Then there will be the good old takeaways. You know who they are! The huge range of cooking styles available to eat in the comfort of your own home will no doubt always be with us.

And perhaps I should have mentioned “bakeaway” as well. Goodness the choices are legion. This is where pastry items are being sold and all you have to do is to heat them up at home. And if you have never bought a par baked roll, they are heaven! For restaurants, for home use, every one is a winner – the smell and delight of fresh baked bread from freezer to plate in really just a matter of minutes. They have been around for a long time but clearly are the backbone of the bakeaway business.

But then the makeaway. Again easy to prepare; sometimes they need to be made quickly or on others they can be stored depending on whether fresh ingredients are involved or not and the choice of foods again is vast.

Of course a lot of people have also found that just getting the nice ingredients and cooking at home is a pleasure they had forgotten and one which it is easy to get back into, especially if you have the good fortune of working at home.

So with the possibility of being able to eat out again looming in a matter of weeks now, how will the future be? How do you see your future in the new world of eating out versus eating in? Sure there will be a lot of people delighted to get back to restaurants and pubs but there will also be other choices but the overwhelming item of importance is that we are so lucky to have such wide varieties of food available to satiate our pallets. If there were a good reason for having a stint of life in this existence, it must surely be the pleasure of eating and drinking good food and wine!

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