19 May 2022

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The travel tug of war is on again
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The travel tug of war is on again

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So many different opinions both at home and abroad – difficult to know which way to turn

The travel companies want it all opened up as quickly as possible while Angela Merkel wants all of Europe to impose quarantine on arrivals from Britain.

So it is not just down to Boris Johnson at all – he says we can go, they don’t want us and then there is the issue of coming back again with another lot of quarantine. But of course other European countries are not going to follow this – Portugal, Spain and Greece want our business and of course France has now relaxed its position so Mrs Merkel is a bit isolated at the moment.

But what we need to hope for is a new provision whereby those who have been double jabbed can come back from amber countries without the need for quarantine.

We keep coming back to the position of those who have been double jabbed and who expect to be rewarded for their loyalty as opposed to those who will not be jabbed and clearly who do not give a damn. But even if the quarantine is lifted there are still those damn tests to have to pay for and they are a real disincentive to going abroad on holiday – it could add a significant chunk of money to the bill for an average family.

Foreign travel is evidently not going to be given a lot of support this year. As venues in this country are getting booked up perhaps it makes more sense to bite the bullet and go for a staycation this year and book somewhere nice while you still can. What about that lovely Scottish scenery?

Adrian Leopard 24-06-21

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