28 November 2021

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To be told your protective measures are “over the top” must be rather galling
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To be told your protective measures are “over the top” must be rather galling

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Loads of money has been spent on businesses trying to keep their customers safe, and perhaps it is not necessary? Can that really be the case?

Reports on the television today that businesses are spending large sums of money on trying to protect their customers from catching coronavirus unnecessarily must be very annoying for the companies which are doing it.

There is no doubt that the public want to be reassured that they are not going to catch coronavirus when they go into commercial premises but pictures of people carrying out mass spraying exercises and similar being described as “over kill” are not really very helpful.

More to the point, perhaps a lot of these businesses have spent money they can ill afford to keep their clientele safe so to learn that it is not necessary will be particularly annoying for them.

One interviewee said that it would be possible for someone to pick up covid-19 from a hard surface but the chances of actually contracting the disease were extremely small. So if that is correct why are we worrying so much about washing our hands and keeping our distance?

We have seen the advice change on many occasions since this pandemic started but the last word today seemed to be “hand washing and face masks”. Somehow I am not so sure! Probably best we stick with all the precautions we know – better safe than sorry.

Adrian Leopard 06-05-21

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