19 May 2022

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Truth spelt out by former government advisor
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Truth spelt out by former government advisor

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So do you think you are going to escape getting this virus? It is not actually a slam dunk

Sir David King, a former government chief scientific advisor, confirmed on television today that of those currently being hospitalised with covid-19, one in twenty five have already been double vaccinated.

This is fairly shocking news; whilst there have been odd comments about some people having been vaccinated being hospitalised, to tell the public that 4% of hospitalisations have had both jabs is really very worrying. There is no doubt a great deal more information of this nature which is not being given freely – for example what percentage of hospitalisations have had one jab? Is this not really material information which the public needs to be able to make its own assessment of the risk of catching this disease?

It is good that some scientists are coming clean and telling the public the truth because it looks like the government is being a little economical with the truth at the moment.

So to spell it out, clearly there is quite a significant chance of someone who is double vaccinated contracting the disease at some level or other. Sir David also pointed out that there were also a lot of long covid suffers, that is people who recover from the disease itself but are left with lasting problems, usually respiratory, which can in themselves eventually lead to death. In some respects it must be the long covid risk which is the more frightening.

All of this must raise the question at a time when new cases are escalating exponentially as to whether any further restrictions should be lifted at all or is the true intention to let the disease spread rapidly with a view to bringing herd immunity? This may not be music to the ears of those who become ill just to assist in achieving the overall state and even then, the disease will still be able to be transmitted.

It seems like things have got much more difficult as the progress of the disease moves forward; vaccination has merely raised a whole new set of questions and problems. In the meanwhile it is clear that individuals should be as careful in their social distancing and protections generally as they ever were. Your a-symptomatic friend may be your killer.

In the meanwhile as people clamour to get home from Portugal, I wonder how many new cases will get through? And all those poor people having to queue to get their tests. Was it all worth it?

Adrian Leopard 07-06-21

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