19 May 2022

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Two platefuls of spaghetti? Not any more!
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Two platefuls of spaghetti? Not any more!

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Getting rid of the cables would certainly help a lot

If you are like me you will still have several platefuls of spaghetti hanging out behind your television set and other gadgets.

The reference to spaghetti was made in a television advert by John Cleese relating to Sony hi-fi units as recently as 1982. Gosh – how do we remember these things? If you fancy looking at this, you can find it here but, by Jove, it is a smidgen dated now!

The point is that Sky is bringing out a new unit later this month called Sky Glass which has just been announced. This is in fact a television with all the Sky works inside and even high quality sound and speakers and the whole is planned to be powered by two cables, one mains and one internet. It is going to stream everything.

Gone will be the old fashioned satellite dish and loads of cables. When you tot them up, you can have a load of cables from your amplifier, a set of seven for your speakers, input and perhaps fibre optic output. Then you will need cables running to your television and your Sky box; oh and then there is your DVD player, your satellite and terrestrial aerial cables – and so it goes on.

And how often do they get tangled up? There is something really macabre about electrical cables – they get tangled and knotted for no apparent reason whatsoever – like they have a mind of their own.

This will all depend on having a decent internet signal. Really anything less than fibre optic is going to give you all sorts of buffering problems.

And by the way, even today there are so many people who do have a decent speed fibre optic, and then slow it all down in the home by using out dated distribution hubs which perhaps only run relatively slow speeds. If you are using fast broadband just check your hubs as you may find that these need upgrading to get the best out of the enhanced speed you are paying for.

So is the good old satellite dish on the way out? One thing about satellite signals is that they are generally pretty reliable even if you live in a remote location, other than when you have really thick cloud which can sometimes stop you getting the signal.

Want to know more? You can find out about new Sky Glass here including a short video with the chairman and chief executive of Comcast, Sky’s owning company:

But you do have to buy Sky’s television which you can get in three sizes, 43”, 53” and 65”. And they promise access to all the new and latest features as they emerge.

Sounds interesting!

Adrian Leopard     07-10-21

Photo Pawel Czerwinski

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