26 May 2022

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Unnecessary covid deaths gradually emerging
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Unnecessary covid deaths gradually emerging

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Don’t be one of the ones who regrets not having the vaccination when on your death bed

Bit by bit stories are beginning to emerge now about individuals dying of covid 19 unnecessarily.

It seems that deciding against being vaccinated is perhaps not such a clever move after all.

One man died recently after telling his doctor that he deeply regretted not having the vaccination and that this was a big mistake. Another man and his partner both contracted covid after refusing vaccination on the grounds that it was too experimental. The man died, having been discovered dead in bed by the partner’s son. The partner recovered and now feels “foolish” for having refused vaccination and deeply regrets the loss of her partner who she now considers died unnecessarily.

The problem with a mistake of this nature is that it is irrecoverable and unfortunately regretting not being vaccinated after you become ill is quite possibly too late.

We are moving into new territories now. Having lived through the lockdowns and survived, we have just one real arrow in our quiver of protection and that is vaccination. It is solely on the basis of vaccination that the government has been able to lift the lockdown and allow people to start, after a fashion at least, trying to get back to normal life.

It is a start and in the meanwhile large numbers of young people still have not had a first jab and healthy people without other apparent medical defects are still dying from covid. Misinformation has certainly done a lot of damage – the idea that somehow a camera is being injected into your body which enables people to get your bank account access codes is so incredible as to be laughable. Have we heard of anyone being fleeced via this unusual phenomenon?

Getting on for three weeks have passed since Freedom day and what do the trends show? Well in the past few days new case numbers are up, not hugely but up nevertheless, albeit down just 10% over the past seven days but we still had over 180000 new cases recorded yesterday over the past seven days in the UK. Hospitalisation has also dropped 10% over the same period but deaths sadly continue to creep up and they are up over 14% in the same period.

So when experts say they cannot foresee the trend, it is easy to see why. It is gently up and down at the moment but of course the summer is now here and people are getting out and about more. Amazingly people are still wearing masks and that alone is an indication of public opinion.

I wonder how people will look back at this particular point in history. A great period of uncertainty, hopes and aspirations on the one hand and caution and concern on the other. So when people decide not to be vaccinated and then fall ill it is rather difficult to have much sympathy – their mistake is easily avoidable.

But now France is going to be easier to travel to and from so perhaps that market will open up – beware things may change again so do not be surprised if they do.

Adrian Leopard 06-08-21

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