19 May 2022

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Utter confusion over the way forward – government steadfast. Why?
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Utter confusion over the way forward – government steadfast. Why?

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Brace yourselves. What do you put your chances at avoiding covid-19 now if you live in England?

The attitudes of different people across England and indeed the UK are beginning to get frenetic.

We even have the First Minister of Wales only agreeing to allow travellers from amber countries back into the country without isolation if they have two jabs because it would be untenable for England and Wales to have different rules, given the fact that virtually all international travel with Wales is through England.

And as for face masks – well the government is not moved, yet anyway.


There can only be one ultimate answer to that question – one is forced to the conclusion that the UK government wants as many people as possible to catch covid-19. When the government advice is merely “it is up to the individual to take responsibility for his own safety” it is rather like saying you can cross a motorway on foot if you wish but we advise you to be careful. As we have seen time and again during the pandemic, the British people very sadly have not been very careful at all much of the time.

Think about it. It would be so easy to say use masks on public transport and this will slow down transmission. They do not.

Will they change their mind?

Today we see a very interesting article in the Guardian newspaper worthy of reading. You can see it here:

It says inter alia that Dr Susan Hopkins, head of Public Health England, has estimated three more doublings of cases before the peak, potentially meaning more than 200000 new cases per day in six weeks time. This is believable because new cases are expected to rise to 100000 on present form, let alone with restrictions being lifted.

While all this is going on, France is going the opposite direction, even down to proving you are double jabbed to go into a restaurant or a recent PCR test.

It is extraordinary how different countries can adopt such diametrically opposite stances. England is running one hell of a gamble!

Adrian Leopard 14-07-21

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