26 May 2022

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Vaccination passport – it is inevitable and the UK does not need to be left behind. But hospitality businesses need this
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Vaccination passport – it is inevitable and the UK does not need to be left behind. But hospitality businesses need this

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We are normally pioneers and yet everyone else is working to get there first!

It is only a few days ago when we raised the question of vaccination passports, who might need them and when. Since then the issue has come up a number of times and passports are going to be needed and the UK runs the risk of being left behind if it does not get on board.

There are legal issues surrounding whether people should be allowed to keep their jobs, get new jobs or travel or indeed enter on to premises where the operators decide they require vaccinated persons only.

And there are issues being raised about whether failure to have a vaccination constitutes a legal “disability” and, if so, in which circumstances. Would an anti-vaxxer get away with that and even if it is a disability, is it right that someone with a disability should be forced on to others thereby potentially transmitting a potentially fatal disease? What about refusal to have the jab on religious grounds? Because your religion forbids it, it is okay to infect members of the public, is it? Where do Jehovah’s Witnesses stand?

What are our freedoms? No jab – no job is already being talked about.

Well what is happening is that the matter is being taken out of the hands of the British government. The Greek prime minister is asking the European Commission to bring about an EU passport to enable free movement within the EU. Estonia and the UN health agency are creating e-vaccination certificates known as a smart yellow card. Denmark is developing a digital vaccine passport. By contrast Spain is developing a list of vaccine refusers which it will ensure is circulated within the EU.

Saga, the company which manages holidays for the over 50s is making it compulsory that its passengers are fully vaccinated. Australian Airline Qantas says it will eventually be necessary for its passengers to prove they have been vaccinated to board their flights.

The Royal Society has produced a report itemising 12 tests for vaccination passports, sensible ones! You can read more about the Royal Society report by going to the following BBC news article:

So if you run a restaurant, pub or hotel, you should consider whether it is an appropriate action to take to make your house “covid-secure” by allowing only proven vaccinated persons to enter. As we know from the way the hospitality industry has been treated and has operated over the past year, it is a high risk area of commercial activity and is only going to resume its original popularity once social-distancing can be put behind us. Your customers and staff all closely mingling, like they always did, are likely to be a hotbed of transmission if carriers are allowed to get amongst them.

Those with virus – do not enter!

So British government, time to get on board with this one. Pioneer instead of hanging back! It is your opportunity and duty to make the hospitality industry safe.

Adrian Leopard 19-02-21

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