26 May 2022

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Vaccination passport – this is as inevitable as the day is long!
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Vaccination passport – this is as inevitable as the day is long!

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It will be essential for people in many different areas of life to be able to prove that they have been vaccinated

The question of a vaccination passport is hotting up and the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has admitted on television that the matter is being discussed with other countries which are likely to require such a passport to allow people to go there.

It is beginning to look as if this is going to become a reality on a wide scale. Discussions in Israel indicate that without a vaccination passport people will not be able even to go into shops. This surely has got to be the right approach, whether voluntary or compulsory, business owners ought to have the right to say to people you can only come into my premises if you have been adequately protected.

When Mr Hancock was asked if you would have to have one to “go to he pub” he said no. Unfortunately he was asked the wrong question. The question he should have been asked was “if pubs refuse to allow you in without one, what then?” Is the government going to outlaw the right of a business owner to insist on vaccinated individuals only?

This remains an outstanding question yet to be answered but you then have to consider what such policies would mean for those who had not been vaccinated. And the problem is that some of those who are not vaccinated may not be vaccinated for good medical reasons appropriate to themselves. On the other side of the coin, because you have a medical condition, for example an allergy, which prevents vaccination, should that give you the right to carry around and potentially distribute the Covid-19 virus?

This is another issue arising out of the pandemic but you only have to look at the government’s new policy starting today of refusing admission to foreigners coming from the red list countries and Brits coming in who must quarantine, and really what is the difference? You can scarcely cross a border in the world today without carrying a certificate that you have tested negative within the past two or three days. It is absurd to think that there will be no controls at all once things have eased.

A covid-19 vaccination passport could be a useful document which can be endorsed with annual boosters if that becomes necessary – indeed all the more reason to have them.

Coronavirus is going to be with us for ever now; hopefully it will be contained to a small number of people but there will probably still be deaths in the years to come and we still do not know what will happen to sufferers of post covid syndrome, or long covid. Will the vaccines prevent that from happening or perhaps this will be what is left once “serious disease and death” are eliminated by vaccination. It is still early days.

But ask yourself the question – would you be more likely to go to a pub or restaurant which advertised itself as “covid safe” because only holders of vaccination passports would be admitted or would it make no difference to you? If the answer to the question is “yes”, then that demonstrates the inevitability of the requirement.

Adrian Leopard 15-02-21

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