19 May 2022

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Want to travel to the US? Better get vaccinated then
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Want to travel to the US? Better get vaccinated then

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No vaccinations will become quite an impediment in due course

The news that travel to the US is being re-opened from November has been greeted with pleasure.

But it carries with it some requirements, the most important of which is that travellers must be fully vaccinated and of course take some tests as well.

As the days go by, it is becoming clearer that being vaccinated is slowly opening doors to people, and indeed it should. There is no point in getting vaccinated and yet still being subject to tight restrictions. We are told that the vaccines work and indeed it looks as if they do. So we must make that count for something.

What does this mean for those who do not get vaccinated, for whatever reason? A clear “us and them” situation is slowly developing and there is a very clear public attitude which is that if you want to do things like travel, then vaccination against covid is going to be a mandatory requirement, probably virtually everywhere.

With boosters now being administered, this will only serve to increase the difference between the haves and havenots. In Wales of course it will be necessary to have a covid passport to attend night clubs and highly populated events, something which England has declined to do, having put it on the back burner. It will depend on how future case numbers pan out as to whether that position will remain the same or not. Given that the virus is likely to be with us for the rest of our lives, it is not inconceivable that these requirements will be around certainly for a long time to come.

We have not said much about the incidence of new cases recently as they seven day rolling figure has dropped from the 272000 high but looks like it is rising again slowly. Daily figures have generally been on the up again and the weekly rollover figure has now come back up to 217579. As always the statistics are playing with our minds and we cannot determine which way they are going to go so perhaps we have reached that equilibrium some professors talk about. It is still an awful lot of cases though! Deaths however continue to creep up and this is the real acid test of where this pandemic is going.

So it remains a big deal and as a result it is likely that getting vaccinated is going to be what people need to do or to look at it from the other side, there may be a lot you cannot do if you cannot show that you have had your two jabs. But if you have, the Big Apple welcomes you!

Adrian Leopard     21-09-21

Photo Andrew Hubbert

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