26 May 2022

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We are still facing a pandemic but perhaps not one which kills everyone
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We are still facing a pandemic but perhaps not one which kills everyone

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It is probably impossible to predict the nation’s state of health over the next 12 months in relation to covid issues

There is no doubt that when coronavirus became a reality everyone became dead scared. And they were right to.

What have we suffered in the interim? Well, the official numbers show 4.95 million cases in the UK, so in the next two days over 5 million and 128000 deaths recorded within 28 days of a test, so excluding a large number who died later, particularly those who suffered from long covid and we have no official data for that.

The government took a very clear view which was “protect the NHS and save lives”. No one can say they said any different. Now the government will tell us that we have reached a watershed moment where we have protected the NHS and that new covid cases will not have the impact they did when they started and they point to current statistics to support their point of view.

So what is happening? Well with all the restrictions lifted, to all intents and purposes we are going to see the virtually unrestricted unleashing of the pandemic to let it rage at its worst. Now that only a few have to go to hospital if they get it, it is a sort of “I’ll huff and I’ll puff but I can’t blow your house down”. With the prospect in a few weeks of perhaps 1 million new cases a week, for the average person who gets out and about it is going to be virtually impossible to avoid bumping into infected and infectious people. Hopefully those who have been double vaccinated will in the main avoid infection although this is not guaranteed.

Let us be clear – this is the price we have to pay if we want our economy to get back up and running. Learn to live with it, they say, just like flu and people die of that every year too.

Unfortunately it is not quite as simple as that though, is it? There appears to be little or no factoring in of the long covid problem. There is not really enough information out there yet about long covid. How badly, for example, do you have to have covid for long covid to be a problem? This may be the Achilles heel to this brave solution. Here is a site which answers a lot of questions about long covid and may help your understanding of it:

What is more is that with so many people carrying the disease, the chances of new variants will increase and we have not yet heard a great deal from other countries as to whether they favour this unleashing of the virus. Probably it is only just sinking in as to what the British government is actually doing. If such a large number of the population are likely to get this condition, then it looks likely that Britain will be on the red list of other countries for a long time because the chances of sick people coming over will be high. Discriminating in favour of the double-vaxxers is going to help but as we know, they are not immune and could still be carriers.

All of this does need to sink in. It is clearly inevitable that the restrictions will be lifted very soon and then, as the Prime Minister has said several times, it is up to individual responsibility as to how people handle themselves, in other words, if you do not want to catch it we have taught you how to protect yourselves over the past sixteen months.

Now the big question is, how many will do just that? Will you be going into a packed pub where everyone is milling around just like we all used to or a night club, or will you be asking for a seat at a nicely distanced table, if there remains such a thing?

Some serious thinking to do!

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