05 July 2022

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We should not under-rate public reaction to bad news. People cancelling their Christmas parties already
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We should not under-rate public reaction to bad news. People cancelling their Christmas parties already

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The public are more nervous about this problem than many realise

We seem to be in a fast-flowing news stream at the moment where things are changing almost by the minute.

With the announcement by the Prime Minister last week that some restrictions are being reintroduced, the hospitality industry has already begun to feel a change in public attitude with customers starting to cancel their Christmas bookings, and the reason? Because they fear the Omicron variant and how it is going to affect daily life and even are suspicious about further restrictions over the next week or so.

Hospitality has had it bad – there is no doubt about that. The trouble is that people don’t want to get themselves caught out again; when the government lifted restrictions in July, it felt like it was all over bar the shouting. Expressions like “we have got the all clear now” gave totally the wrong impression but people felt that no restrictions meant no danger. Sadly that has proved to be far from the case.

It is likely that if the Omicron variant is seen to be speeding up its infection of the country that more people will decide to put their parties and festivities on hold until more stable times arrive. People will probably decide that it is better to try and preserve Christmas than risk a massive spread of disease in the preceding three weeks – or will they?

Travellers went on foreign holidays in the summer and a lot of them got themselves caught out when restrictions were placed on travel at fairly short notice and already people have started to cancel their December holidays because they fear they will return to the UK and, worse still, have to spend Christmas in a government hotel at very significant cost to themselves, a sort of double whammy really, and can you blame them, even when they are losing their deposits?

However we are faced with the new variant and government has decided not to get caught with its pants down again – but that does not please everyone either. Indeed it is difficult to know which way to jump when faced with such difficult decisions. Will Omicron really speed around society or is it just an abundance of caution which is taking the reins at the moment?

There is also the race against time with everyone getting to have their boosters because their resistance has fallen leaving them open to infection if the virus comes their way. How many boosters are going to get done before Christmas?

And the Prime Minister has done it again and had another press briefing. Without a doubt, the country is now on the equivalent of a war footing so far as vaccinations are concerned as we are told that the government hopes everyone will have had all their vaccinations by the end of January. And isn’t it a first that we have had two ministers on a briefing at the same time, both assuring us that they are doing everything they can?

This is a fast moving affair but the big message was if you are entitled to your booster go and get it but wait until it is your turn.

Adrian Leopard     30-11-21

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