26 May 2022

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When do you think you are going to get your vaccination?
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When do you think you are going to get your vaccination?

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It’s time that the government started to tighten up on everything to do with this pandemic before it gets too late

If you are one of the half a million British to have had a vaccination, count yourself lucky. But you may be waiting for your second dose much longer than you thought.

The fact is that it seems like the UK is making itself look really stupid over the manner in which it is handling the vaccination programme. There are various different factors all playing a part in this game and all in all it looks like we have the possibility of another perfect storm developing.

Firstly we are being told there are shortages of vaccine available – which is extraordinary because the suppliers are telling us quite the opposite. Who is telling the truth?

Then we are told that the government urgently needs volunteers to come along and carry out vaccinations and yet the red tape involved in their temporary employment is so stringent that half of them cannot meet all the requirements, even though they are competent to inject patients. This is British bureaucracy gone completely bonkers.

Who on earth is in charge?

Is this not the moment for a declaration that these people are taken on regardless? This is a war and in time of war you do not worry too much about what training your soldiers have had – you are lucky to be able to get them at all.

And talking of soldiers, how difficult is it to teach a soldier how to administer an injection? Get every spare soldier in the British army on to the job.

Clearly there is a problem. We are now told that people due their second dose of vaccination will have to wait many weeks now, perhaps 12 or so, before they get their second. The government have said that this is not a problem, in fact that the efficacy of the vaccination may even be improved. Pfizer the manufacturer have said they are not happy about the application of their vaccine being changed in this way.

While this charade is building up in the UK, Israel has really become star of the show. Israel has already immunised a million people, one tenth of its population in only 12 days. Put simply they were ready. Why weren’t we?

All this comes while everyone gets more and more worried about the spread of the disease; the unions are now insisting that the plans to send children back to school are delayed. Case numbers are shooting ahead. Today a further 57,725 cases have been reported with deaths at 445 bringing the total reported cases up to 2,599,789 and UK deaths to 74,570.

Matters have been exacerbated by irresponsible breaches of the rules but the winner of that competition must surely be the illegal rave which took place in Brittany in France where a 2500 strong event was eventually broken up by police and only after two days! This was a remarkable event and somehow attracted visitors from all across France and even abroad including Spain and Britain. They must have kept it a pretty good secret and yet it was so well attended that it is frightening.

Just look ahead – the way things are developing it looks really bad. A massive spread of the disease because our restrictions are not adequate; insofar as they may be adequate they are not properly enforced. The system is full of holes like self-isolation and quarantine not being properly supervised or in fact enforced. Clearly fines are not much of an incentive to stick to the rules. Massive breaches of regulations are being committed and all this while we wait for the vaccines to be administered, a task which is now being predicted to take absolutely months. By the time the vaccination programme has become really effective, it may well be too late if the virus has overtaken us.

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