26 May 2022

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Why are people afraid of needing to use covid passes to get into venues?
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Why are people afraid of needing to use covid passes to get into venues?

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What happened to the freedom to live?

The Prime Minister, always one for the dramatic, certainly let out a new piece of strategy yesterday which seems to have shocked the country, or at least part of it.

Another volte face about the use of covid passports – they will be required by the end of September for nightclubs and other high attendance venues and a negative test will not suffice. Well, we have been told so many times that covid passess would not be required that this is another major change of policy.

However what I find difficult to understand is why there is in fact so much objection to their being required to enable access to venues where the risk of transmission of infection is high. No real reasons seem to emerge when the objectors are questioned save the old chestnut of it interfering with people’s freedoms or it is discrimination towards people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

If you extrapolate the loss of freedom reason out, it appears that the objection considers the freedom only of those who do not wish to be vaccinated. What about the freedom of those who do not wish to be in the presence of non-vaccinated people in places of risk? They have rights too and surely one of them is to require that the government or even venue take all reasonable steps to protect them.

Let me draw an analogy. Not everyone smokes cigarettes; many do and they think they ought to be able to smoke where and when they want. Others do not. On this matter the government of the day acted and it is completely illegal for people to smoke in bars and restaurants and huge numbers of public buildings. What happened to the freedom of the smokers? Well tough because it was quashed in favour of the non-smokers and of course the government who claimed that it reduced health issues and ergo a burden on the public purse.

Can anyone explain why there would be a difference between outlawing smoking and protection from covid-19. Unfortunately I cannot see one so please explain.

President Macron is not moved by the freedom argument. He has taken the brave and strong step of saying no vaccinations, no access to restaurants and bars and other places. And that is that! Moreover this policy has had a huge effect on the numbers of people in France going to get their vaccinations, notably young people.

I believe there is really no difference between smoking and catching covid-19, except that there is a very large risk that people will be very ill with covid-19 and maybe die in pretty short order. Is that reason enough to protect the public? Oh and there is another difference – you can see smoking and avoid it…

Surely the ultimate safety test is to get rid of the virus so transmission is no longer an issue. What is the optimum way to achieve that, other of course than lockdown? Would I be wrong to suggest that the answer is getting all of your vaccinations?

Perhaps therein lies the answer – where you can’t smoke, you can’t go with being double-vaxxed. Covers it perfectly - see our photo of the day!

As I said a few days ago, we are not fickle, are we?

Adrian Leopard 20-07-21

Photo Mufid Majnun

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