05 July 2022

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Wildlife is getting a little bolder
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Wildlife is getting a little bolder

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If you are self-isolating at home, how about encouraging your local wildlife while you digest unfolding news?

A little over a year ago, we had a large pond dug in the garden, about 25 metres by 15 metres going from zero depth to 1.5 metres in the deep end and with a small island. The object of the pond was to encourage wildlife, ducks in particular and afford them some protection from predators by giving them a safe haven on the island. The results have been fascinating, if a little on the slow side in developing but as we know Mother Nature is not one to be hurried.

This year, now all the water is rain water and the chemicals have gone, there has been a huge amount of toad spawn, and insect life looks healthy. The water grasses are growing; we put in a few fish and they are breeding well. Natural vegetation is establishing around the edges. This morning I looked out of the window and to my delight there were two Canada geese on the side plus a duck with a litter of ten ducklings, six of which were bright yellow. It is a delight to see these birds and watch them enjoying the environment. Canada geese are amazingly suave and elegant and it is a privilege to have them there; they are also brave birds and extremely protective of their young. They seemed happy and stayed there for six hours but then we are out in the country down a cul-de-sac so happily there is not too much disturbance.

We also saw yesterday on television that wildlife is getting a little bolder in more urban surroundings. This was put down to a reduction in traffic but if you have a garden perhaps putting out some food to encourage wildlife might be a good idea. Remember, though, that you must not give milk to hedgehogs or bread to ducks. Sadly we still see too many birds and animals dead at the sides of roads.

Another thing that I feel has started to change is a much more matter of fact attitude developing over casualties to the disease and the number of fatalities. What was new is now becoming a great deal more “routine” and we continue to hear talk of up to twenty thousand UK dead as just more prospective statistics. It is surely a measure of just how serious the present situation is and the continuing need to self-isolate although today I was startled to hear that “they” are considering keeping restaurants and pubs closed until we have an antidote. That could be next year; would there be any restaurants and pubs left by then? Is this true or just fake news?

The other thing which is rearing its head is mental strain and stress. Apparently three weeks stuck at home is possibly too much for some. Those who read my blog about garden centres will recall that this topic has already been raised. Although garden centres remain closed, it is possible to buy some garden requirements at supermarkets – better than nothing.

It looks like it is all beginning to become routine now; each day is much the same. Even the bank holidays we have just had were no different but with the arrival of the ten new ducklings this morning I am reminded that there are new beginnings and slowly our attention will come around to how we are going to face the hardship ahead warned of by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and rebuild.

Adrian Leopard 14-04-20

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