26 May 2022

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Will you ditch your mask or keep using it?
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Will you ditch your mask or keep using it?

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They say everything will go back to normal but that may be something of a stretch

As the days pass, the likelihood of social-distancing restrictions being lifted appears to increase.

There is definitely a change in the mood over the lifting of restrictions even though there are still many parties urging caution. Time and again we hear government ministers being asked on the television whether they will be getting rid of their masks when the time comes. Not many give a straight answer although one was given this morning which was “yes”.

However, at much the same time another expert was questioned on the subject and he said that he would not be getting rid of his mask and that indeed he would probably be continuing to wear it indefinitely, depending on the circumstances. The interviewer was rather surprised about this but the response was basically that there are plenty of other nasties in the air as well as covid and a mask is a good protection. Perhaps we shall become like some of the far east countries where people do wear masks when they are out and about. And if you are going to wear a mask, why not get one of those new types which are said to be far safer because they form a sort of seal around your face which can prevent germs getting through.

As we surmised a day or so ago, it is looking like it will all be down to personal responsibility so if you want to avoid covid-19 then you will need to avoid places where you might get infected; you should continue to wear a mask if you are mixing with other people in shops or restaurants and if you go to the pub, try and select a table which some space. Particularly avoid places indoors where you might remain with a large number of people for an hour or so, especially if there could be non-vaxxers present.

Above all make sure you have your jabs and any additional jab which is offered in the autumn; if you have these there is a reasonable prospect you will be safe but the medical evidence is that you are much less likely to be hospitalised if you catch the disease. Of course that is something you will have to think about for yourselves.

At the end of the day if case numbers continue as they are it is a sad fact that it is most likely to be the non-vaxxers who will be going to hospital and dying; the problem is how many vaccinated people will they take down with them as even vaccination is not a 100% panacea for this dreadful disease.

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