11 August 2022

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Zoos and safari parks to re-open. It’s slow going but bit by bit…
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Zoos and safari parks to re-open. It’s slow going but bit by bit…

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A chance for entertainment and exercise all in one!

Last week the prospects of zoos opening in the near future were bleak – in fact there was no indication of when this would happen. Evidently the power of persuasion has worked and we are now informed that these entities will re-open from 15th June. The measures include drive-in cinemas as well and seem reflective of the view that Covid-19 transfers less easily outside and of course social distancing rules must be observed. This means that the indoor exhibits will not re-open for the time being.

However, it will be a relief to everyone that revenue streams will at last be restored to enable the animals to be saved.

Slimbridge Wetlands however have already re-opened today, 10th June. Again it will no doubt be a relief that at last funding will start to flow again but if you fancy going, you do need to book in advance.

Conversely, the anticipated re-opening of schools will not take place, reflecting the difficulties these establishments pose. In addition the hoped for early re-opening of licensed premises is also not happening until July at the earliest, assuming conditions are in order for this.

Confusion also exists in relation to cross border working with Wales lagging behind in its relaxation of the lockdown. There exists this strange disparity that getting back to work in England is straightforward, until it involves a Welsh dimension and there is still no information in Wales as to when the hospitality industry might get back to work. However, information received by us suggests that many of the Welsh people are taking little notice of the lockdown or social distancing at all.

Today the Prime Minister announced the introduction of support bubbles. This enables a household of one, or one with under 18 children, to join with another household. This seems to be an empathetic approach.

Stay well and watch the progress.

Adrian Leopard 10-06-20

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