26 May 2022

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250000 hospitality staff isolating at any one time
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250000 hospitality staff isolating at any one time

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Basic numbers holding reasonably consistent at the moment. Keep watching though

It does seem absurd that having lifted restrictions in England huge numbers of people are having to self-isolate because of “pingdemonium”.

It is however one of the consequences of opening the flood gates and letting everyone out; the incidence of potential transmission is clearly going to be greater.

And of the masses, some 250000 self-isolaters are in the hospitality industry and causing businesses to close because all of their man-power is now sitting at home, quite possibly perfectly well, as a precaution against further transmission. It is a massive bill to have to pay.

All of this is happening as we have just passed the first weekend of August and the holiday season is now in full swing. The government claims to have watered down the criteria for pinging which is welcomed by many and roll on 16th August when the requirement to self-isolate will cease for individuals who have been double-vaxxed. The exemption will also apply to under 18s. The efficacy of this amendment remains to be seen given that a large percentage of hospitality workers are younger and may have had only one or even no jabs yet. That may change with the government’s new bribery scheme for cheap taxis and take-aways.

The daily numbers of new cases continue to play with our minds but after the increases there has been a further fall but then we have just passed the weekend so it is best to give the system a couple more days before trying to determine if there is a trend. But at the moment the government website shows a 27% reduction over the past seven days but unfortunately the trends for deaths is up 20% in the same period. Patients admitted to hospital are also up by 15% but tests are down by 14%.

So we keep our fingers crossed but still you need to ensure that you keep out of harm’s way if at all possible.

So off to the beach perhaps?

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