19 May 2022

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Al fresco dining to be made easier in a bid to assist the hospitality industry
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Al fresco dining to be made easier in a bid to assist the hospitality industry

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Not too long now until al fresco dining will start – let’s hope the road map remains intact!

Although there is still a bit of a chill in the air the general weather is gradually getting warmer – but it needs to to enable al fresco dining and drinking to work!

The Housing and Communities Secretary has written to local authorities to tell them to give the hospitality industry a break and to relax so far as possible the planning restrictions on temporary shelters; moreover he has extended the concession to September 2022 and there is even talk of making the concession permanent.

So dining out in the street is going to become more and more like being on the continent where it is commonplace – but we will need decent weather to ensure that it is used to the full. British weather can be rather changeable so always be ready to take your umbrella.

But how long will it in fact be necessary for? The present relaxations are specifically to enable premises to open during the pandemic when they may have otherwise not been able to. As more people get vaccinated, the less acute the problem of inside service will become although there is no sign at this stage of relaxation of social distancing in pubs and restaurants.

Another sign of the industry getting itself back together is the increased number of announcements of new premises which are going to be opened, perhaps in replacement of the thousands which have closed. Still, competition and variety are important factors within the economy and these new sites are to be welcomed.

This news comes at a time when there is optimism in relation to new cases and more particularly, deaths. The UK death toll yesterday was 82, the first time down in double figures for a considerable time and whilst it reflected a weekend day, the trend is in the right direction. It is anticipated that today’s figure will be good too, reflecting a Sunday and it will be tomorrow and Wednesday which will enable the current trend to be visualised. The ultimate projection for deaths has also levelled off and this is going to be a great relief for everyone.

Today marks a red letter day with the schools returning; but keep an eye on the new cases in about ten days time as we cannot be sure at the moment whether there will be an uptick as a result. This is the first major milestone in the lifting of restrictions and all eyes will be on the figures to see if the rest of the road map can be met as planned. In addition care homes now allow some visitors in and this will also create a potential risk. Still, the residents should all by now have been vaccinated so hopefully danger has passed.

So – let’s hope for nice weather for the summer!

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