19 May 2022

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Are we really forgetting how dangerous covid-19 is?
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Are we really forgetting how dangerous covid-19 is?

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Most people have forgotten to worry about covid – no restrictions means it is okay

When you have issues like Afghanistan, exploding volcanoes on La Palma, diplomatic spats like France getting up tight because it loses an order for submarines, fuel queues at petrol stations and of course the other colourful tapestry of our news, perhaps it is easy to forget.

Forget what? Well I am thinking about what has had the greatest effect on our country, no the world, since the second world war. I mean covid of course.

Covid – the pandemic which locked down most of the world at one time or another and which may lock us all down again. And why are we forgetting? We forget because the government decided to make it something of a non-event and withdrew all restrictions. In doing so they told us we must look after ourselves so that the economy can recover.

This is a total cop out! Responsible people always do look after themselves but they do like to have some guidance and even that guidance has really been too little.

But hark! There is one thing which brings the matter back home and that is when people you know are still contracting the disease, and in some cases dying from it.

It is all very fine to be told how vaccination is protecting us against serious illness and death. What is a cert is that there is still plenty of incidence of people catching the disease and getting ill from it, even after they have had their double vaccinations. As time goes by, more and more of us will find that people we know, possibly know well, are catching the disease when they thought they were probably safe because they had been vaccinated.

Many people are now waiting for the call to tell them to come for their third vaccination – their booster. Well if a booster is necessary then the original vaccine is not as effective as we had thought and certainly hoped.

The UK has now suffered 7,631,233 recorded cases of covid-19. That is over 11% of the population. Of that number, 136,105 have died. And they are continuing to die and that includes a not-insignificant number who have been double-vaccinated. The ONS says the number is higher, over 158,000 people who have died in the UK because covid has been mentioned on the death certificate.

So at what point are people going to realise that this is still a very serious situation and no one is safe? How much risk are people prepared to take with their own lives and indeed those of the people they mix with?

How many people that they know have to get the disease before they will take it seriously?

As a society we are up against it; people seemingly oblivious to the dangers and not even willing to give those who are more concerned the time of day when trying to take protective steps. Is that stupidity or just selfishness? Are people wrong to be risk-averse?

And all this in the interests of keeping the economy going. Well, what’s it worth in terms of people suffering because sick people do suffer?

And with the seven day new cases figure now at 235417 and rising at a rate of 13.8%, partying and concerts are going to be very good ways of spreading covid around!

Or is the real plan to try and ensure that everyone catches the disease sooner or later – a sort of survival of the fittest move where the sick and dying do indeed get sicker and die.

That’s them out of the way then? That will take pressure off the NHS and pension funds. Good policy? Well it may have already started because a new study tells us that male life expectation in the UK has started to drop; that means statistically by reference to deaths, not health but that is a measure of just how coronavirus has started to affect our society. Much easier than how they got rid of the older members of society in Logan’s Run as so ably shown by the actor Michael York in the 1976 film.

Adrian Leopard     25-09-21

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