19 May 2022

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Austria, Holland – and now probably boosters for the under 50s in the UK. It’s all getting a bit frenetic
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Austria, Holland – and now probably boosters for the under 50s in the UK. It’s all getting a bit frenetic

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The question is – is the message really getting through how serious this is?

The news that Austria is confining the non-vaccinated back to isolation has come as quite a shock and is unquestionably one of the more authoritarian moves we have seen.

For the non-vaccinated Austrians, it is like being back in lockdown and yet looking at the Johns Hopkins figures, Austria is not doing as badly as all that! Its new cases are running at a weekly figure of circa 76000. Imagine how pleased we would be in the UK if our figures were to drop to that level from where they are.

But they are not alone. Holland has just gone into what is essentially another lockdown as well. Their figures are in fact worse than Austria’s with the weekly tally of new cases running at 94000.

And yet there are countries with far greater rates of new cases than these two. Germany and the UK are neck and neck at 260000 and 258000 respectively and Germany looks set at the moment to pass the UK any day! Of course we have as usual the problems of timing differences in that Johns Hopkins appears to lag behind a day or so but in principle the figures do not move that far per day.

And now over in the UK it looks like our prediction that under 50s would shortly be offered the booster is to be proved true and what a good job that will be, or is that “jab”? But there can be no denying the feeling of panic which is knocking around in government with the Prime Minster urging more people to go and get their jabs, whether first, second or third. Indeed he describes them as “lifesaving”, and those are just the boosters! And Christmas is dangled as the prize.

The waning of protection against hospitalisation which is now readily acknowledged by the government means that without a booster the chances of catching covid and requiring hospitalisation are rising quite significantly. And we are of course left to wonder whether in another six months there will be the need for another booster. Indeed will it ever end, rather like flu? Perhaps in time a joint vaccination covering both together will be devised – that would at least save time doing the jabs themselves.

But the figures are rather staggering – the new cases recorded across the world in the past seven days amount to 3306896 with 48400 deaths. These are big numbers and you might be surprised to know that the worldwide recorded cases now amounts to over 254 million and 5.1 million deaths. If you want to drill down into the figures a bit more, go and check Johns Hopkins yourself here:

The UK is currently the next in the list targeted to hit 10 million cases.

Perhaps these figures are so mind-boggling as just to appear like “statistics” with no very great value. But the UK seven day figures are still digestible and no less worrying. Our seven day new cases are running today at 269802 with deaths for the same period at 1083 and new patients at 6351. The new cases figure is rising sharply again and looks set to go over 40000 a day from tomorrow.

How long will it be before we move to Plan B?

In the meanwhile go and cheer yourself up with some delicious salads as per our photo of today.

Adrian Leopard     15-11-21

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