19 May 2022

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Covid passport – P&O makes its position abundantly clear if you want to go on one of their cruises!
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Covid passport – P&O makes its position abundantly clear if you want to go on one of their cruises!

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The pressure rises as more authorities say they will require prove of vaccinations. This is certainly not going away

The need for there to be a covid-19 passport is hotting up as P&O has made it quite clear what its requirements will be.

Quite simply P&O Cruises will require all of their guests to have had both vaccinations at the point of boarding – simple! So excluded from P&O clientele will be all children because they cannot be vaccinated, those who refuse for whatever reason to have the jab and essentially just anyone who has not had it. This, however, is not to be taken as you cannot make a booking. It merely says that you have to have been vaccinated at least seven days before by the time you come to board. What has not been mentioned is what happens if you are refused access.

Will you get your money back? Don’t bank on it.

Needless to say the question of how you will prove your vaccinations and a covid passport is the obvious move. P&O however say, with a smile, that a letter can be obtained from your GP. Good luck with that one! Better idea is to register with the NHS app where you can access you own medical records. You will also have to have full medical insurance which will cover covid-19.

The measures follow an announcement by Saga that it would implement the same policy some days ago. Guests on board can expect to have buffets served by staff and have to wear masks in certain environments along with continuing social-distancing.

P&O will be operating “staycation” cruises, i.e. two routes around the UK waters without landing. This is to avoid the possibility of infection being spread or indeed being picked up by guests on trips off.

So is this lockdown by another name?

The truth is the people want to get away and for those who have had their vaccinations, why should they object to having to prove it? It will be interesting to see if those who have not decide to object.

The British government is still considering how to handle this problem having now asked for outside input. It is inevitable that something will be needed and it is also likely that when the hospitality industry re-opens there will be significant numbers of businesses which will make similar stipulations. Best you get prepared for it.

Adrian Leopard 17-03-21

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