05 July 2022

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Covid’s ever decreasing circles causing a real furore now
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Covid’s ever decreasing circles causing a real furore now

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No one can be in any doubt now that government will change the rules at a moment’s notice if they have to

What is worse? Being told you cannot travel because of a growing covid issue or just carrying on as usual and catching the new variant?

As might have been imagined, everyone who has an interest in South Africa, travelling or holidays is up in arms because of the new and growing restrictions being placed on air travel from southern Africa.

It is certainly quite a shock to learn just how many people get off aeroplanes carrying the disease. It is probably a surprise to learn that out of 600 passengers who landed in Holland from South Africa yesterday, 61 had covid. That is over 10%. Surely this is not normal?

It looks as if the stable door has indeed bolted as several countries are reporting the new Omicron variant, including two reported cases now in England. All eyes will now be on these places to see if it starts to spread at any faster rate than it is at the moment.

It doesn’t much look like there will be many South Africans coming to see the London Eye in the immediate short term. At the same time it ill behoves the Cape Town mayor to criticise the experts for sounding the alarm just because it hurts Cape Town’s tourist industry. Either there is a problem or there is not.

The panic has spread to the stock exchange as well where share prices have taken a hit, notably airlines like BA. It all suggests that analysts had written off the prospect of further covid problems – evidently prematurely.

But with these ever decreasing circles, what is to be done? The answer for the man in the street is that there is nothing you can do which you shouldn’t already be doing, social distancing, keeping clear of crowds and groups and wearing your mask. Perhaps stay at home some more, work from home if you can and generally keep your nose clean – literally.

And having moved into the weekend, we find that the latest number of cases reported in the UK is 39567, bringing the seven day rollup to 307979. Helped along by a new variant, this may start to show a higher rate of increase but watch the figures for details.

It would still help if the government could give some indication of how things might have to be to implement Plan B or other more stringent measures. Business in particular could then do a bit of planning.

Adrian Leopard     27-11-21

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