26 May 2022

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Fancy a holiday in one of the few places on earth untouched by covid? We have just the place for you
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Fancy a holiday in one of the few places on earth untouched by covid? We have just the place for you

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Somewhere you can go and forget about covid for a while

As today’s new cases total falls a few short of 50000 at 49298, with the seven day rolling total settling at 331903, we thought that it might just be a relief to look at a place where you can go for a holiday and put the virus behind you.

Where could this Utopia possibly be, you ask? Is there really a place which has had no cases?

The answer to the question is the British island of St Helena, best known probably for being the location to where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled and where in fact he died in 1821.

St Helena is part of the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. It is in the Atlantic Ocean a mere 1200 miles to the west of Angola and 2500 to the east of Brazil. It has a land mass of 47 square miles and a population of circa 4500 people. Its landmass is approximately the same as Jersey in the Channel Islands but of course its population is only around 4% of that of Jersey.

St Helena is going to offer you the most peaceful holiday you probably could ever have, being virtually a nature reserve with more than 500 species of animal and plants not found anywhere else in the world. It sounds absolutely idyllic and can it really have been such a bad place for Napoleon to eke out his closing years? It sounds as if he lived in relative comfort!

According to our trusty friend Johns Hopkins University, there have been a mere two cases of covid in St Helena and those occurred in March 2021. However according to the BBC St Helena has remained covid free. This is also echoed by the WHO and the UK government.

Believe it or not you can fly to St Helena from Stansted once every three weeks or so.

This sounds like a perfect trip away. You can see the BBC article which has a lot more information here:

There is actually a fascinating history of St Helena which you can read about on Wikipedia here:

To discover more about the island’s capital, Jamestown, there is an article here:,_Saint_Helena

If you are tempted, this is where you can find UK government travel advice:

What’s not to like?

Adrian Leopard     22-10-21

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