26 May 2022

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First week of pubs opening inside – how does it look?
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First week of pubs opening inside – how does it look?

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Initial sales well up but it is still not the same as it used to be

As was to be expected there was a bulge in sales as pubs reopened. New data showed that on average the increase on pre-covid periods was some 25%.

The pressure for people to get out and about has been undoubted but has it in fact been exceptional, and more to the point will it be sustained? Government continues to give warning after warning and this is all supported by professional opinions constantly being aired on television.

It is a strange irony because when everywhere was shut, the emphasis in reporting was on why everything should be reopening. Now things are open, the emphasis seems to have gone the other way. What a fickle society we have.

The big test will probably take place this weekend. Many people are still working from home so lunch time trade is not going to be as it was but perhaps the weekend will have some better results although the weather may have a dampening effect on it.

But even if you did get out to the pub, you are still faced with covid regulations – you must wear masks other than when seated; tables are still spread around to allow for social distancing and one way systems and “checking in” are still in operation too. None of it really gives the experience of the British pub that we are used to and that in itself is something of a turnoff.

But the Prime Minister has said that the one metre plus rule could be ditched next month – now that would make a difference. But all of this ignores that covid-19 is not going away. Whilst deaths are way down now in the UK, new cases are not. The trend for new cases over the past two weeks is a 2% increase while deaths show a 26% decrease with only 50 deaths recorded.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Adrian Leopard 21-05-21

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