19 May 2022

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Free tests landing on door mats today. Have you ordered yours?
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Free tests landing on door mats today. Have you ordered yours?

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Another milestone in the tackling of the pandemic at grass roots level

The government’s offer of free two free tests a week to everyone started yesterday and today the first tests were dropping on people’s doormats.

It has so far proved very efficient indeed. A telephone call made on Friday and the tests arriving tracked delivery on the Saturday. One can only imagine how many of these packages were being delivered countrywide today.

And this is no cheap looking product. The instructions are really idiot-proof – even I understood them! With clear instructions on just how to set it all up it ought to prove straightforward for anyone.

The worst bit about the test was sticking the swab into the back of the throat, tying to avoid the tongue and cheeks – and choking to boot! That was unpleasant and then that is followed by sticking the swab up your nose and that cannot be described as pleasant either. I would not have liked it if someone else had been doing that aspect of it for me – it could quite easily have become painful. But really all of that pales into insignificance when compared with getting a negative result – the one you really want to see.

This particular sets of tests makes a great deal of sense to try and catch asymptomatic sufferers before they manage to spread the disease around and for the short time it takes, probably get shorted as you get slicker at doing it, it seems well worthwhile.

Having taken the test you have to report the result. This, too, is dead easy. The government website really has been made simple and you can link it all up with your medical records – it will be interesting to see if the test results appear on permanent record. That would be useful!

Perhaps the most ironic aspect of the whole thing is that the tests were made in China. Provided free perhaps for sending out the disease in the first place? Probably not.

But certainly this is not yet a time to relax. Unfortunately the rate of deaths has started to creep back up this week; may be this is just a quirk of the Easter holiday but we need to see this going down not back up. The UK has now passed 127000 deaths but the forward projections have eased off to just over 150000 by the beginning of August. But this still means another 30000 deaths are potentially on the way.

Take care and keep your distance. Nothing has changed.

Adrian Leopard 10-04-21

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