26 May 2022

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Latest Covid-19 statistics are an eye-opener for those over 50
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Latest Covid-19 statistics are an eye-opener for those over 50

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With numbers rising again, it is bad news for those over 50

We can be forgiven for thinking that the government is in a state of panic – that is because it is. Hark back to President Trump who said he down-played the pandemic so as not to cause panic. Whether you believe that to be the case or not, I for one am one of those people who would rather hear it told as it is – warts and all. Surely the majority of thinking people are capable of making up their own minds as to the relative dangers of the situation we are in. Would we not rather just hear the truth?

It does look like the majority of ordinary people are in support of the government’s new rule of six which comes into force tomorrow, Monday 14th September, but there is a considerable body of thought which asks the question why, if it is so important, did it not come into force immediately when it was announced? The closure of pubs did when that happened back in March. The Prime Minster gave us all of about two hours notice! One national newspaper at least has shown us photographs of young people doing their best to beat the clock and having their final parties before the rule comes into force. How ridiculous! How much extra spreading of the disease have they caused by doing that? It is as if they are children trying to avoid being grounded after misbehaving.

There is however a more macabre side to all of this. There are those people in business, big business basically, who are pressing the government to go the opposite route altogether – even to cancel all restrictions and allow the people to go about their daily business as usual. One must ask the question just whose side are they on? Unfortunately a national newspaper has today laid this criticism at the feet of Tory donors who are warning that draconian measures are merely strangling the economy. Of course whilst that might be right, is the economy more important than allowing society to stay intact, remain in one piece? Or are further illnesses and probably deaths just acceptable collateral damage? If you are one who survives, no doubt the latter but if you are one who is at risk, may be you have a different point of view. Unfortunately the champions of the economy are probably not showing their most altruistic sides.

There is a great risk that the country is going to end up divided; those who would prefer the lockdown to be reinstated on the one hand and those who want everything to be relaxed on the other so that people can get back to work in the cities and thereby save the day for sandwich shops and the like. These are the ones who complain that our freedoms are being eroded.

The Johns Hopkins Covid-19 table now shows that there have been over 29 million cases world wide, new cases running at almost 300000 per day and deaths as of now are shown at over 925000.

Bringing it closer to home, France is running at 10000 new cases a day at the moment and deaths are creeping up too. If the UK follows the French or indeed Spanish models, we are in for a bad time ahead as cases are already on the increase and the new statistics show that there has been a substantial increase in cases in older people. Today’s new cases amount to 3330. The worry about that is that there will be more hospital admissions and then more deaths. Worse, there is now an increase in cases in care homes where they have quadrupled in the past month, at the moment amongst staff but it will be only a matter of time before the jump is made to residents. What will happen to the national death rate then?

We can only hope that the rule of six will be respected, be properly policed and bring the number of new cases under control. If not, we are in for a long hard winter.

Adrian Leopard 13-09-20

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