26 May 2022

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Long covid – do you know how serious this can be?
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Long covid – do you know how serious this can be?

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It is important that you understand the risks involved in getting long covid

As the days go by we begin to learn more about long covid.

As the daily new cases continue to increase at a modest rate, it is important to know what this might mean in relation to long covid which is a condition where symptoms continue for longer than 12 weeks and cannot be explained by any other cause.

There is an excellent article which you can read here which explains the position in some detail:

In a sense this is a somewhat new condition as the medical profession is only slowly beginning to get to grips with but it is clear that in some cases it is causing very severe symptoms and can also cause death. If you are not familiar with what it can do, you need to know. It is also more serious in older people.

It is a very good reason why avoiding getting covid-19 in the first place is a very good idea. Whilst getting over covid happens in most cases, the after effects can be devastating.

The number of new cases over the past seven days continues to increase, now to 211238 with today’s tally at 33904, a 7.6% rise. Deaths are up over the past seven days at 655, a 7.9% increase and new patients up to 5623, a 4.3% increase, all according to the government website.

The increases are relatively slow but certainly steady.

Of course the news over covid has been overshadowed by the news of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. However there is an overlap because Afghanistan is on the government covid red list and yet people are pouring in via Brize Norton! One wonders where they are all being quarantined as there has not been much information about this so far.

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