26 May 2022

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More changes in the travel restrictions list – good and bad
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More changes in the travel restrictions list – good and bad

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If you have a hankering to go abroad, things have become mildly easier but still not really recommended as things can change

Along comes another review of the traffic light travel system with countries moving in both directions.

The number of countries on the green list is going up from 29 to 36 so progress is being made slowly. However, some say that it is not as good as it sounds because the new countries are not major holiday destinations. The countries moving across are Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania and Norway.

Not all bad though – Austria in our opinion is much more beautiful in summer than in winter!

At the other end of the scale are these countries moving from amber to red – Georgia, Mexico, La Reunion and Mayotte. Strikingly though, the hotel quarantine charges have been amended and it will now cost £2285, up from £1750 with a second adult coming in at £1430. The rationale given for these changes is that it more accurately reflects the actual cost of quarantining and since people should be avoiding red countries, there is no justification for these costs to fall on the tax payer.

Having said that, at £3715 for a couple for 11 nights, this is working out at £338 a night for your full board. If you factor in three meals a day at say £45 each, your hotel room is costing you £248 – a day. This is not cheap or competitive! Of course there may well be other costs involved like transport to your hotel and your covid tests. Even so…

So things move on slowly but it has to be said that any form of travel abroad carries its risks because the rules can change – and they do so be prepared for the unexpected and the Welsh government advises against foreign travel because of the risk of infection.

Yesterday the official tally of UK deaths reached 130000 – exactly. But when you compare the figures across all countries on the Johns Hopkins site you find that the number of deaths per million of population in the UK is now 1904. Interestingly the highest rate in the world is Peru 5876 followed by a relatively low second Hungary at 3117.

The next changes in the travel traffic light system will be announced in three weeks. That’s a long time in the present evolving situation. It will be interesting to see whether things get easier or more difficult and remember just because we add people to our green list, it does not mean that things are being reciprocated by the other countries.

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