19 May 2022

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Taxi and food discounts to bribe the young to have the jab. You couldn’t make it up!
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Taxi and food discounts to bribe the young to have the jab. You couldn’t make it up!

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You could be forgiven if you have no idea which way to turn now to protect yourself

As we move into August, the pandemic starts to bring on the surreal.

The rollercoaster of new cases continues to play with the mind – up one day and down the next. That nice consistent drop has stopped and now it is uncertain which way it will go. Even the experts are not prepared to put money on it. Just two weeks after Freedom Day [did you spot that?] we do not know if the virus will romp ahead as was predicted or whether for some inexplicable reason it has decided to ease off.

Meanwhile, we hear that young people have not been responding to getting the jab which has caused the government to come up with a new plan. It does not seem that it is all about refusing to have it because they object; it seems it is more a case of “we can’t be bothered” and “we are not going to get covid anyway”. Well, that is being combatted with out and out bribery. Taxi firms and food delivery services will be offering discounts to young adults who have had the jab.

Moreover the government continues to pursue the idea and talks with businesses with a view to further “incentives” being offered.

You really could not make it up, could you?

To my mind there is one overriding incentive and that is simply the safety of the individual him or herself and his or her fellow man by taking obvious and reasonable steps to minimise transmission of the deadly virus. Do people really need to be bribed to take time out to go and get the injection? Do they feel that a cheap takeaway from Deliveroo is more important than saving lives?

The values we place on things in our lives seem to be all topsy turvey at the moment. You will be able to go back to university and mix with students without needing a covid passport but you will not be able to go to a nightclub without one. You can go to a restaurant in England without a covid passport but not in France. EU and US citizens can travel to UK without now having to quarantine, in the main anyway, while Brits cannot even travel to certain countries, like the US!

It is all very fine to say that we are now relying on mass vaccination to halt the transmission of the disease but is that in fact going to be the case? New case numbers are now so high that the chances of catching it from someone out there are proportionately higher as well. You might not get it if you are lucky and have been vaccinated but it is clear that being double vaxxed is no certainty of prevention of infection. So are you safer than you were before? Only by exposing yourself to the virus and then waiting to see if you catch it or not will you actually find out until such time as they are able to check your blood and determine whether you have sufficient immunity to avoid it. That is not yet on offer.

So you younger adults, make the most of your freebies and perhaps in years to come you will wonder why you thought you needed them to get protection.

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