26 May 2022

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There but for the grace of God …
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There but for the grace of God …

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Thank your lucky stars we did not get in to the India state of affairs

The situation in India continues to deteriorate and the graphic scenes shown on the television continue to horrify us all.

The lack of oxygen appears to be the main problem now, that is assuming you take that there are no more hospital beds for granted.

There is no doubt that matters have escalated out of all proportion and control in India and this is something which was not expected, was it? India looked at one point as if it had got its house reasonably in order. In February you just would not have believed the outbreak could grow so very fast. The information is all there on the Johns Hopkins site at this address:

Look at the graphs and they show very well how the virus has taken off like a rocket in the past few weeks with new cases up 47% in the past week and deaths up 90% - 2 and a quarter million new cases in the past seven days.

Think about it – it is not so many weeks ago that the UK could have been facing a similar catastrophe. We almost ran out of hospital beds – would have done but for the ingenuity of hospital personnel to re-purpose parts of their hospitals and our deaths were also raging ahead. India’s population is huge at almost 1.4 billion so their deaths per million seem quite low at 141 against the UK’s 1869 but sadly it looks like this is going to change dramatically.

How fortunate the UK has been in getting the vaccine and getting it out but it is only part of the battle – if the Indian variant gets its foot in the door here, we may find that our vaccinations do not count for as much as we had hoped. We just have to hope that not too many have got into the country from India before it was added to the red list.

It is not time to relax too much just at the moment but if you can get off to a short break then it will certainly give you the feeling of getting back to some form of normality.

Adrian Leopard 26-04-21

Photo George Hiles

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