19 May 2022

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Time to stop running around like headless chickens and communicate!
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Time to stop running around like headless chickens and communicate!

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If we work together we can look after each other and protect each other from covid

Society is in a bit of a muddle, to put it mildly, over what to do about covid-19. What is needed is for people to take a step back and think about it logically.

There is little doubt that, absent a miracle of some sort, covid-19 is here to stay. Our vaccines are not 100% effective; they are good and they have clearly changed the virus landscape and reduced deaths but people can and are catching it more than once and there is the ever present possibility of a new variant which could bring the walls of protection tumbling down.

So if we have to live with it, then so be it but what we do need to do is to adjust our lifestyle and behaviour to mitigate its effects as far as possible and try and keep the incidence of the disease at a low level.

It is rather sad that there are many who fear vaccination for one reason or another. Today all care home workers must be vaccinated or lose their jobs. From next April the same will apply in the National Health Service and there is a lot of bleating about that. It does seem very incongruous that a person working for our NHS finds it unacceptable to receive the NHS’ fundamental protection for this disease, the vaccination. And of course it is not just all about employees – persons in the care of the NHS might not want to be treated by someone who is at a high risk of catching the virus because of non-vaccination.

So when we come to think about what we can do, there are in fact basic actions we can all take which would probably have a considerable effect on what happens as we go forward. Obviously mask wearing is still considered highly important. Unpleasant as it is, especially if you wear spectacles, is it the end of the world to wear a mask in shops, offices, meetings or wherever?

Social distancing is always going to be a great help. But it is not always going to be practicable so this one involves taking a view on your safety in any given setting.

Ventilation is terrific, the more the better. Good movement of fresh air is probably one of the most important safety features we can adopt. Ensuring that only the right number of people congregate in relation to the air circulation takes a bit of thought, but we know that the virus travels in aerosol fashion and air movement breaks up the clouds containing the virus and therefore reduces the risk.

Use hand sanitizer before shaking hands. Common sense? Yes but people don’t think about it!

Above all, the lateral flow test taken on a regular basis. So many of us now do this that it is really just a routine action and so easy. Considering that one in three people with covid has no symptoms, the lateral flow test is an absolute blessing because it can still detect the virus and advise people to isolate while they take further precautions.

But what is actually happening? A lot of people do these things already, but not all. Over 6 million virus tests were taken in the last week but what is required is constant advice to remind people to do these things and particularly to work together so clubs and societies ought to have their own rules which are clearly publicised so that all members know what is expected.

If we work together we can reduce the spread of the virus. Looking at today’s statistics, we need to. New cases are now running at 242203 per seven days, todays figure reversing the trend by going up to 42408, the first day above 40000 for some time. Deaths were 195 today, a seven day total of 1138, down a little at last.  New patients are 6519 over the past seven days, an overall reduction. But the queues of ambulances outside hospitals do not really tell the same story.

But the message to protect each other is COMMUNICATE and work together in a proactive fashion – do not assume everything is fine; without positive effort it won’t be.

Adrian Leopard     11-11-21

Photo Stellan Johansson

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