05 July 2022

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To party or not to party – that is the question
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To party or not to party – that is the question

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Parties are all the controversy at the moment!

Who would have thought we would enter December with such a difficult and vexing question on our lips? To party or not to party.

What on earth is happening to bring such a strange issue to the fore? Well, the answer seems to be contradictory advice, and conflicting advice and, no, the two are not the same!

The Prime Minister says there is no reason to cancel Christmas parties – we all need a break and a bit of fun and some time to relax and that includes office parties. But one of his senior scientific advisers said on television that it would probably be better if people did not have their parties as this means gatherings which could include a risk of transmission of the new Omicron variant.

That is contradictory advice. Who do you believe? Well the answer to that is one you will have to work out for yourself. There is no legal barrier to you having your parties if you wish, no legal restrictions so decide for yourself. However, this all comes as part of the July package when all restrictions in England were removed and the government left our safety to us, ourselves. Removal of restrictions does not mean that we should not self-restrict!

It comes down perhaps to whether you think the advice is based on health reasons or general reasons perhaps more related to trying to avoid more restrictions than would be considered acceptable by the public.

Clear so far? Thought not. In essence you must decide for yourself whether you think that going to your office party will be okay or if the risk is too great. What is a certainty is that if you never go out you are very unlikely to catch anything but that is not quite a way forward for the rest of your life. You will have to decide on your own level of risk.

Of course as we now know, the Prime Minister likes his parties, or so the leader of the opposition would have us believe!

Now then there is the other case where the advice is conflicting – quite a different matter. There are those who would say that going to parties conflicts with the requirement to wear masks in certain settings, at the moment public transport and shops and hairdressers etc. But you can go to a pub and mix as closely as you like with people without having to take any precautions whatsoever.

What is more is that it will probably largely be like this for many years to come and you will be faced with making your own decisions for yourself. But if you feel you need some third party advice then take the advice from the professional or expert which most closely pertains to your particular need.

A very interesting and much more detailed article discussing the various risks appears on the BBC website and you can read it here:

It will no doubt assist in bringing clarity to what is in fact a complex situation with lots of ifs and buts! But it may be relevant to your decision making to know how the progress of the virus is going. Check up on new cases before making any decision.

Adrian Leopard      01-12-21

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