19 May 2022

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Turning asylum seekers back half way across the Channel highlights desperation of current position
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Turning asylum seekers back half way across the Channel highlights desperation of current position

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No real imagination is being given to resolving this difficult situation. What a shame

The problem of asylum seekers crossing the Channel in small boats has reached epic proportions and now we have a row between the British and the French.

It is far from clear exactly what grounds the British border control can lawfully turn boats back and we await clarification of the legal position in due course. There are certainly plenty of people who disagree that it is legal to do this.

However, the British people are fed up to the back teeth with the constant flow of illegal immigrants arriving on British soil, often escorted taxi-fashion by Border Force themselves. It is quite the most ridiculous state of affairs imaginable.

Part of the problem is that the British are paying the French vast sums of money to put a stop to these people even reaching the sea but the French are singularly failing to prevent these people putting to sea. As a recent television programme showed, once the boats have put to sea, the French authorities are taking no steps whatsoever to prevent asylum seekers leaving their waters and going to the UK – they say it is nothing more than a rescue service that they are providing at that point.

If the Home Secretary feels the French are not meeting their commitments, then perhaps an appropriate way forward would be for the French to stand back, all monies to be stopped and for British officers to be given the right to prevent these people leaving the French coast. This is already effectively what happens at Dover and Calais where each country has its enforcement personnel on the other side of the Channel.

Another way of putting a stop to this would again be to stop spending any money on preventing these people from putting to sea but for the British to acquire an old cruise ship and then escort the asylum seekers to the cruise ship by way of rescue and that is where they stay until either they are given asylum or they choose to return to France. Indeed the British could even offer to transport them for a fee to the cruise ship where they could be permitted legally to make the asylum applications.

We have raised this point before; there are very good commercial reasons why and how this could work – the money could actually be put to good use instead of paying enforcement officers both sides of the Channel for doing a job where they are failing to achieve the desired results.

The ship could also be regarded as a suitable quarantine venue to ensure that these people do not bring covid-19 into the country. The ship may not look as glamorous as the one in our cover photograph but lives could be saved, money could be better spent, asylum seekers could be given a safe venue to make their applications and the British people could stop worrying about illegal immigrants invading the streets and any asylum seekers continuing to arrive on our shores could be transported to the ship instead of to four star hotels which is what is happening at the moment.

It is win win whichever way you look at it. But so far all the measures that the government have taken have been completely ineffectual.

And today we see the covid results continue to show a deteriorating position. In the latest 24 hour period 38013 new cases have been recorded bringing the seven day total to 272334, an increase of 15.3%. Deaths number 167, making 921 over the past seven days, 18.5% up and new patients number 863, making a seven day total of 6748 or 2.9% up.

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